Joker's Living Ways

Fuckin bullshitting games of the joker who claims to care

and be done with his past ways.

Yet the only thing he assures is that he is great at betrays,

But not so good at lying nor creating reasoning's

Of why he chose his actions towards another.

Yeah Jokers got some jokes, enjoying moments of his

Pleasures, kicking back & inviting strays back

Into the spot where we lay. Making his ultimate choice of

Allowing the exact things occur that he acknowledges

Is something I don't approve of, completely 

Showing those who aren't there 24/7

More respect than I who's been there for over two years.

But a Jokers got to joke, loving the game, 

Trying to be apart of the fame,

Of being known, with me right there angry

And upset like some sitting bum. "Opps" there goes all

The expressed expressions explained to him

During talks, yet it's the biggest controversies on

Reasons his attitude is copped.

There is no stop to think for the clowns who meticulously

Play to keep another down. Selfish Deeds 

It's how he rolls as long assomething is gained

In any way for him at that moment, it's the way he'll go....

                                                                     Marcelina Flores

                                                                    (Sept. 18th, 2014)

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