Realizing the Truth

1st poems

I gave you everything there was to give
To the point where I´m in debt with myself

You were my guard and my teacher
You aided me and taught me everything I know
If it were for me
I would never let you go

I gave you my complete trust
My heart hung in your hands
My senses were overwhelmed by your touch

I closed my ears to people´s words
I never listened when they said
That you were wrong for me
And that you just wanted to use me

But as time slowly ticked on by
I heavyheartedly started to recognize
That people had always been right

It wasn´t just the fights
It wasn´t just the constant omissions
And the lack of compromise
It was the indifference you showed me

The vicious slurs
The betrayals
I´ve gotten so used to them
I know it´s not healthy
But just to imagine your departure kills me

Or so it did

After all I´ve been through
After all you´ve gotten me into
I´ve become stronger
Every slap in the face from your tounge
Only made my skin thicker
Every humiliation
Has only made me wiser

And as lost and confused as I may be
I stand here alone today
Nothing is the same
But nonetheless I look up to the sky
And things finally hit me and I realize
That the moon continues to revolve around Earth
And the sun will always shine.

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