Love knows not the lips of a lady who loves loneliness.

She feels no need to be with anyone who needs her now.

Happy to be alone in her world with all the comforts that surround her.

Quiet times with her thoughts of better places to be in.

Deep in a book traveling far and feeling the places she never went.

Knowing the people who were in the past that never crossed her path.

Feeling the emotions of other people, real or not, it doesn’t matter.

She is content with the view from another.

Written with words that traveled long and far for many years.

To her eyes, only to see through her imagination.

Molded from her recollections and what she knows

Learning and growing from the tongue of another

That touches the paper at her finger tips.

Loneliness is welcome to travel on the journey

To a different world than the one she knows.

May be better, maybe worse.

But different than the path she chose.

Not to feel her surroundings from around

Until the last page of her book is found.

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Daze of a Day's Dream

Abstract Fantasies

A mind is a terrible thing to waste...

sigh...on this daily drab of real life.

So I've opted for a diff'rnt expenditure...

...of the international kind.

Close encounters with the divine

of this planetary design

have blown my mind,

leaving me to wonderlust Intergalactica.

Starlights so Starbright Starshine

this fine line between my earthly insanity

& this cosmic awareness @ will to be within me.

The universe will have its way with me & I shall make my way

of 'me' by doing away with...

well, that's just the thing -

I won't do away with ANYTHING.

To take me as I am is unto having everything

in all arms' reach of nothing @ all...

& I am nothing @ all in this...

sigh...daily drab of real life on Earth.

Says Intergalactica, I am unfaltered by gravity's urge to

pull me down.

For Intergalactica, I divorce this flesh of my flesh of

this dirt of my earth & unionize my light of my soul of this

spark of my cognizance... snap outta yet another daze of a day's dream.

Hmmph, a mind sho'll is a terrible thing to waste...

sigh...on this daily drab of  real life on Earth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When real life get's reeeallll shitty, I retreat to the deep spaces of my imagination & just...wonder.

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putem up or shut up


after all the pain

she has nothing to gain

he controls,hurts and

manipulates her

for him it's a high to control her

the power and pleasure running through his veins

the bruises

the control

the emotional scars

the hurt

the pain

to much to over come

she's become his slave

as he buries himself between her thighs

she's dieing inside crying inside

the time has come

i'm going to interrupt the mad home

things are going to crash

congratulation's are in order


you hit a woman who has no defense

your killing her slowly

tough man you are!

the incredible coward you are

I am gonna rock you all night

blood blood blood and more blood will flow from your body tonight!

tonight you are wanted dead or alive

your body,your head is gunna rock tonight as for others if they don't like it they can suck my cock

like a hurricane

i leave my enemies






in the still of night

when she cries  tonight

those tears won't be because of you they will be for you

so tonight i ask you

a question

that needs answering

it needs closer

will you

putem up or shut up

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Serene Dream


In my imagination i imagine dreaming admist the turbulence

And the fractures in my life are breathing a sweeter scent

And the sky is falling but im skipping along the shattered pieces

The situation couldnt be worse but i inject myself into serene dreams

And the fractures in my life are breathing a sweeter scent

For a little while i move with in my sweet escape, serene dream

The call you sent my way woke me to unpleasant reality today

And i felt all the beauty flatten under a sudden weight again

I crawl to my bed and rest my head but i feel the room change and bend

For a little while i need to get lost in a sweeter current

In my imagination i imagine dreaming admist the turbulence

And the fractures in my life are breathing a sweeter scent

And the earth is drowning but im floating on a bubble thru the clouds

The situation couldnt be worse but i subject myself to serene dreams

And the fractures in my life are breathing a sweeter scent

For a little while i move with in my sweet escape, serene dream

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Vanessa Marcussen, whose music i wrote this song for. Miss you, see you someday.

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Baby Bird


There's a lovely little line baby bird.

And you tweet it with your beak

in the middle of the morning,

when I lay in his arms.

In the cold autumn morning,

when I lay in his arms.

As I dress myself for the day baby bird,

your sweet song reminds me to be patient.

Some day I will join you,

when I am free from his grasp.

I can't wait to join you,

when I am free from his grasp.

There is a small sense of hope baby bird,

when I return to the bed that used to be mine.

You settle down in the silent night,

and you wait to wake me in the morning.

I am helpless in the silent night,

and you wait to wake me in the morning.

Where has my spirit gone baby bird?

Those morals I had are compromised.

My strength comes from you,

when all else seems impossible.

I am sure my happiness comes from you,

when all else seems impossible.

Tonight I break lose baby bird.

I'll slit his throat in the night.

They'll tell me that I'm a killer,

up on the stand they'll condemn me.

At least I'll be happy when they say I'm a killer,

up on the stand they'll condemn me.

So sing to me that sweet tweet baby bird.

I'm coming to join you.

There is nothing to crush my happiness,

I am now a happy little bird.

Finally no one will crush my happiness,

I am now a happy little bird.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Flee little bird, before he breaks you too.

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From 2008 and on

I sing in the corner

Mic in my hand

I sit in the dark

Next to the boomstand

People are watching

Happy to see

A soft sweet voice

Longing to be free

With passion built up

But self-esteem a little low

Tells a story, and over

The measure it grows

Whether rock or country

It's mostly the blues

Though they're the ones clapping

I'm singing for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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A Thorn of Justice

There's a thorn in my side,

catching, slicing, ripping

It drives itself into my skin

and I cannot remove it.

The thorn digs deeper into my soul,

bearing my secrets to the world.

I bleed onto the floor,

crying for some seclusion.

I struggle just to breathe,

thorn deflating my left lung.

True aim was for the heart,

and I feel the oxygen release.

My blood is sticky-sweet,

it bubbles over my naked flesh.

The thorn has pricked me again,

and I feel myself start to sleep.

The thorn, it is so small,

and I, I am so unwise.

The blood is my penance,

for a life I lived with lies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lies, Lies, All Fantastical Lies

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Trapped, in this barren empty room,

Nothing here but the old full moon.

Screaming in pain, yelling in fear,

This pain is nothing new from here.

It crawls, it weeps,

It strings, it creeps.

My misery is their deceit.

It prowls, it hungers,

I weep, and plunder.

That gun is looking good to me.

One bullet, one head,

I wonder will it make me dead?

I cry, I weep,

I sleep, one week.

Grab the gun,

Hold it close.

Barrel resting,

On my throat.

Pull the trigger,

Set me free.

Make this misery leave me.

My hands they shake,

My finger squeeze that fateful steel,

Then suddenly I freeze I stop.

I put that gun back on the ground,

Slowly crawl back into my place,

And stare at the never-ending space.

I say to myself “no it’s not over.”

I’ll never let this be the end.

I’ll keep fighting on and on

I’ll never let it end like this.

They won’t win,

Cuz I won’t lose.

Not here.

Not now.

I’ll stay trapped here in this room.

Until the end,

When my life, finally, ends.

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An August Baptism

Another for your collection

Hey baby, I guess here we go again

Down this reminiscing refrain

You know my mind goes back

To a euphoric Dog day Monday

Where the clouds where cotton candy fluffy

Thinking of that day really touches me

I remember you took off

So we can spend the day together

After a rough week, it seems we would sever

Going to Bob Evans for breakfast

Made things feel a lil better

Also the magnificent upper 80 degree weather

Lord this day I will really treasure

It almost seemed like the beginning of something

Well it also was the ending

Just a little escape from our tense times

Just a bit of mending

My family was out of town that week

So their pool is free

Come on wouldn't it be fun to take a refreshing dip with me?

Let's jump in and wash all the stress away

Let's be children, baby lets laugh and play

Once we hopped in, boy I could stay all day

Until we're wrinkled like prunes

Immersed in this pool we're so consumed

Talking, hugging

Loving and


Bonding is what we've been missing

Giving each other our in depth interviews

Getting to know each again

Those specifics

You float atop of me

While it seems like we're up in the sky

Breathing in the atmosphere

Bathing in our personal lagoon

Sky scraping the stratosphere

I guess that's the effect

When your house is on a hill

Submerging playing our penny game

This day has been so surreal

Just for a couple hours say we forget our troubles

Enjoy nature and her elements

Anything beyond

You and this crystal clear pool

Is so irrelevant

I want to stay in here hugging you

With no cares

Straight into the twilight

When the sun disappears

It was something special about

Our private swim

This day was beautiful and  flawless

God baptized us that day


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