Enter the EverAfter here

I feel like I'm just a passing breeze

To drift away

No one to take notice

A voice is carried alone a lonely wave

Enter the EverAfter

The home of the broken



The depressive nightmare I feel day after day

Wanting to be free

Lucifers little pet

A shadows lurker

The EverAfter

The bloodied sea

Made with tears of blood

Freedom is all but a dream

A thought upon a broken breeze

Sarifice an Angel of this nightmare

My mask is me to cover the one the EverAfter holds

To see past the mask is to see Sacrifice

A darkening angel of Lucifer

Created for havok

Contained in the EverAfter

Within the mask

The personnifed poison

Shattering the mask would mean freedom

Though a twisted Nightmare if could become if this is free




Three of a kind

A counter to the nightmare of Sacrifice

Tayla a fallen Angel forever bound to the Everafter

Hel a kindred spirit

Redemption the Angel of Havok

This mask keeps him within

A drop of personnifed blood runs from the wound

The hellish mark of a anguished soul

Through our bleeding we are one

A saying for Sacrifices bond

Havok and Lucifers angels

Freedom will come

A free flowing wound

The release from some of the impurities

Winds pick up within the EverAfter

Throwing some of the sea of dispair into the air

A rain of depressive blood seemingly uplifted

The raging of the winds

Not a simple breeze

The souls of the EverAfter are playing

Tayla watches them

Hel is drawing this scene

The souls of EverAfter seemingly enjoying this event

Happeness of type has lifted the mood behind the masks to these people

A red rain flows over the souls

The sound of laughter is heard across the land

Depressive the EverAfter is

But to be together with others who suffer can be different

Looking to the sky flowing with the dispair filled sky

Havok and Lucifer

Redemption and Sacrifice

In a embrace

The shadowy hatred of their wings beat holding them there

Wind whispers

A mask may cover you


The true me

To enjoy this moment with in my mind

My mask shrugs off the world though Sacrifice suffers

A random moment of EverAfter

The wind whispers

Its time to leave the Everafter

To cover your depressive self Sacrifice and hide

Hel has painted the scene

Tayla is watching

Back to my mask

Sacrifice to be hidden again

Depression is the Everafter

Sacrifice had some freedom

Dispair of EverAfter seemed to go for a time

The wind brought happyness to whats behind my mask

A smile can be seen

The EverAfter is open

Only to those who suffer with a mask

From those who would look down upon whats behind it more than the mask itself

Enter the EverAfter here...

Maybe the souls of dispair will play for you when your mask has a moment of being down

The EverAfter...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Behind a mask can be hard
But when no one is around you can always let it go and be you

Enter the EverAfter here

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