Daze of a Day's Dream

Abstract Fantasies

A mind is a terrible thing to waste...

sigh...on this daily drab of real life.

So I've opted for a diff'rnt expenditure...

...of the international kind.

Close encounters with the divine

of this planetary design

have blown my mind,

leaving me to wonderlust Intergalactica.

Starlights so Starbright Starshine

this fine line between my earthly insanity

& this cosmic awareness @ will to be within me.

The universe will have its way with me & I shall make my way

of 'me' by doing away with...

well, that's just the thing -

I won't do away with ANYTHING.

To take me as I am is unto having everything

in all arms' reach of nothing @ all...

& I am nothing @ all in this...

sigh...daily drab of real life on Earth.

Says Intergalactica, I am unfaltered by gravity's urge to

pull me down.

For Intergalactica, I divorce this flesh of my flesh of

this dirt of my earth & unionize my light of my soul of this

spark of my cognizance...

...to snap outta yet another daze of a day's dream.

Hmmph, a mind sho'll is a terrible thing to waste...

sigh...on this daily drab of  real life on Earth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When real life get's reeeallll shitty, I retreat to the deep spaces of my imagination & just...wonder.

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