Woman Writing a Letter. 1655. Oil on wood.

~Through Fantasy~


When I am, in one of those mood

I cannot write so I get sad

Still I escape reality if I want it dude

It is through fantasy and its good, not bad.

I cannot write so I get sad

But painting, reading and doing what I like

It is through fantasy and its good,not bad

They keep me happy when this mood strikes.

A Lady Reading a Letter. 1662. Oil on canvas.

But painting, reading and doing what I like

They all bring me so much pleasure

They keep me happy when this mood strikes

And they're treasures I use to my leisure.

They all bring me so much pleasure

Still I escape reality if I want it dude

As they're treasures I use to my leasure

When I am, in one of those moods.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


January 20,2010

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I challenge you, my darling...just to see behind these shades.

I challenge you, my darling...just to rest me in these shaves.

Take me down, as lover,

shame these eyes unlike no other.

Oh, I challenge you to see...

I challenge you, sweet darling...just to look behind the glass.

I ask you now, sweet darling...just to fall me in your grasp.

Look inside, as lover,

tame my eyes just like a mother.

How I challenge you, you see...

Not wasted to the vision...I can see your love that shines.

Sweet light, it's on a mission...and your touch that's on my mind.

Yet darkened by the shatters...I can touch your love so blind.

Come weather all what matters...find the truth you're out to find.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Metaphorical poem about blind and unconditional love. To see through the jive...and see directly into the heart. One thing about me, I have this kind of love. It is God's love...a most wonderful love, ya know. If you can see through this will understand the love here. You must look beyond your own see a love that's true.

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Untitled -- 11.15.2009

I look into your eyes
and I look into my soul
guiding me to meet myself
breathe in, open up,
do a run down, let it out
every direction, every action
I see you, your eyes, my soul
all aligned to guide me
to a place of resolution
some type of inner peace
at least an understanding
of the past I can't escape.
In looking in your eyes, I'm closer to freedom
raised burdens, and vacation from fear
the only person that sets me so free
and then one night I see you
eyes all clouded over
unaware of my existence
how you make me feel
without your eyes
I forget I have a soul.

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A Reminder

Take a new path

Cut through the twisted land of despair

The EverAfter

land of the shattered souls

Journey of a life

Fallen angels

Black wings upon their backs



Depressive bloody waters of the EverAfter

My tormented hell

The cycle of the day

Sacrifice my broken inner self

The change of the personnified hell of this land

I can't feel no longer

The touch of Tayla

The kiss of Redemption

The Embrace of Hel

Locked into this land

Broken souls of the shattered corrupted work

I am at the end of all things

Which way to turn

Removing my mask

Taking a leap and bring the EverAfter out

Tayla is my heart

Gone from the world of the livin

Forever a spirit to stay close

Trapped in the Everafter

Blood filled sea

Depression filled sky

Storms of bitter emotion

Mountains of the looming fears

My dark personnified nightmare of Sacrifice

Dreams of the good of life are a flickered sunset

The world grows darker

Shelfs of the emotions of life begin to merge

No longer an ordered to these twisted emotions

Sacrifice is all of them

Te EverAfter is the place for all of this

A plane of my life hidden in shadow

Kept from the eyes of others

Tayla is my heart

A shattered spirit

My last connection to a plane

The EverAfter is home

Nightmareis personnifed shattered world

The sea of bloody tears

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The Story of My Life

It's the easiest drug to get hooked on

It can kill you the first time you try it

It's not illegal

and it's not scary

If you asked sumone whose never done it

they'd say you're stupid

or psycho

or disgusting (thats my favorite one)

I promised sumone very important to me

that I would kwit

But I guess my promises are a bunch of shit

Cos I'm at it again

I have no clue how to apologize to him

Let alone tell him, period


the story of my life

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A Fabled Dream

Some times in the EverAfter a dream is born

Under the darkness of the shattered sky

Sacrifice, My emotion behind my mask

Depessive is the nature of the EverAfter

Hope is a key for a heart

A message what a dream crteates

A fable of deams

Sorrow and dispair come across this shattered land

The souls of the EverAfter

An uplifting beat

Resounding from a dream



A feeling

A soul uplifted




Feeling this uplift

Breaking the shattered field of dispair

One Angel remains high in the layer sof the black sky

Sacrifice feeling the regreat and sorrow of the past

A dream to be with the on he loved


A spirit fallen within the outside world

Trampled under the feet of the emotionally correct

A fabled dream of Sacrifice

The black abyss of the EverAfter

Feel the light fade

The red filled sea stirs

The Calm of the EverAfter



Tayla...Kept here

Sacrifices fabled dream

Dark light and pain

Lucifers little angel

My broken self


A dream to be with the one

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What Lies Beyond the Mask and Into the EverAfter

Open a pass to the place

A space

A world behind the mask

The one the world sees is a fake



A normal soul

Sacrifice behind the mask

Depression of the night sky

Black as the void of space

The wings that beat in a broken world

A world called the Everafter

Swirling personnifed nightmare

Taking the points of the world the mask lives

Filtering the emotions

The mask acts how others would

Sacrifice reacts as the EverAfter changes

A moment of happyness is a EverAfter moment

The broken shattered souls of the world to enjoy

When this randomness is not there darkness is a feeling

To the world that thinks the know me

A world that steps on me

The world that thinks i don't mind because my mask doesn't care

A horrific nightmare filled the EverAfter is

Filled with the void of those and myself of a shattered world

Depressive aura of Sacrifice

Sitting alone

Hel is a spirit of a kindred heart

Her nightmareish hell

Not being able to save those and escape her fate

Tayla the lost spirit

Damned by the world of my mask

Shattered and destroyed by the vile poison of the world

Taking her own to just be caught in the EverAfter

A blood filled sea flowing with dispair and anger

Redemption is Sacrifice

Sacrifice is Redemption

I am shattered

Broken by the vile poison of this place

Sacrifice my inner self

Behind my mask

A glinting blade

Bleeding my dispair upon this depressive world

The EverAfter is Sacrifices void

Never to seen

I'm not accepted with my mask

I'd be hunter without

You all say you understand

Say you'll help

Say you know

Think your right

Think you know the cure

Do as you wish

Force more and more of this agony and dispair upon Sacrifice

You don't know me

You never will

I haven't been accepted in either form

I don't belong

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Enter the EverAfter here

I feel like I'm just a passing breeze

To drift away

No one to take notice

A voice is carried alone a lonely wave

Enter the EverAfter

The home of the broken



The depressive nightmare I feel day after day

Wanting to be free

Lucifers little pet

A shadows lurker

The EverAfter

The bloodied sea

Made with tears of blood

Freedom is all but a dream

A thought upon a broken breeze

Sarifice an Angel of this nightmare

My mask is me to cover the one the EverAfter holds

To see past the mask is to see Sacrifice

A darkening angel of Lucifer

Created for havok

Contained in the EverAfter

Within the mask

The personnifed poison

Shattering the mask would mean freedom

Though a twisted Nightmare if could become if this is free




Three of a kind

A counter to the nightmare of Sacrifice

Tayla a fallen Angel forever bound to the Everafter

Hel a kindred spirit

Redemption the Angel of Havok

This mask keeps him within

A drop of personnifed blood runs from the wound

The hellish mark of a anguished soul

Through our bleeding we are one

A saying for Sacrifices bond

Havok and Lucifers angels

Freedom will come

A free flowing wound

The release from some of the impurities

Winds pick up within the EverAfter

Throwing some of the sea of dispair into the air

A rain of depressive blood seemingly uplifted

The raging of the winds

Not a simple breeze

The souls of the EverAfter are playing

Tayla watches them

Hel is drawing this scene

The souls of EverAfter seemingly enjoying this event

Happeness of type has lifted the mood behind the masks to these people

A red rain flows over the souls

The sound of laughter is heard across the land

Depressive the EverAfter is

But to be together with others who suffer can be different

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Behind a mask can be hard
But when no one is around you can always let it go and be you

Enter the EverAfter here

Please commment :)

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How to Tame a Cannonball

The fool in the window has followed

His greatest idea of all

To land in the wasteland

While he slowly deteriorates

In panic he's indulgent

Relying on a small reserve

His patience stays, for now

Waiting for something to happen

He's still drifting

In a whole new town

Where nobody knows him or his faults

And where he thought he had a chance

It begins with doubt

He thought that it might

He feels good, but wonders

What there is to feel good about

This is only stasis

And he only has to last

And learn a bit along the way

On how he is to survive

The last of the dinosaurs

Like something of fabled tale

But nobody's bothered to keep track

Or ask him anything that matters

His fortune spoke

And told him to run

For all it was worth

Without a turn to his heart

He wasn't scared

He questions why

His nature speaks

And begs him to reconsider

But the younger side

That's just begun it's life

Urges on his bravery

And allows him to adjust

Some things new, habits of old

Stupid little quirks

What to deny

And what to accept as charming

He misses home

His sheltered place

And his old ways

And his old flame

But they're distant and hold him back

From something so monumental

And his actions here

Are for a better way of seeing

And if it kills him,

Which it may

He'll find some kind of success

Or some sad reason to be happy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The title doesn't fit in an apparent way, but I guess that's why it's mine.

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