Dark Poetry

These words don’t come with ease and the verse is so obscure.

Just once, I wish for death.

Evisceration– a mutilated cure.

These cuts bleed.

A life with meaning, but a being with no will.

Breaths are shallow.

The heart is heavy.

The voice says kill.

Instinct seethes.

These memories melt– into themselves, they fade away.

The mind is lost, with basic function– thriving, trying, forgetting.

Lost to others.

Left to smother.

Insanity breeds.

These cuts bleed.

The pain seeps out in scarlet letters.

Pressure is beneath the skin– opened to relieve.

I can breathe.

Love can leave.

And he will leave– once he sees.

I can breathe

as these cuts bleed.

Then I can leave– and he will grieve.

As these cuts breed

we will bleed.

He will leave.

They will grieve.

I cease to breathe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I escape to another world where I am but a mere servant to my guiltiest pleasure...

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"Nothing Real"

Am I the only one?

Is everything I see



Just a dream?

How can I know for sure?

I see only

Inside myself

Hear the faint


In August

Against my face

Maybe when I


I'll be the

Only one who was


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"Tree Of Life"

The bread

Of peace

Broken twice

The living water

Shed for all

To drink

In a breath

From the heavens

Amythyst skies

Surround the Earth

And in a dream

I dreampt


In the shade

Of the Tree Of Life

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Mental Fortress

Soul Poetry

These walls protect me.

Retaining thought,

retaining feeling.

My reality escape,

my mental fortress.

Guards stand

at the ready.

No one comes in,

no one leaves.

Steel barred windows

allow only glances


Outter stone shell



Access granted

upon invitation only.

I have yet

to engrave

a single one.


my inner sanctuary,

a protective moat,

filled with tears

I've shed.

Those who would

attempt to swim across

would surely drown

in my depths

of sorrow.

My private kingdom,

my soul castle,

my mental fortress.

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Let It Fall

2007-2009 Poems

I just wish it would rain tonight.

The same kind of rain in Nueva Ecija...

The one that smells like rice fields,

The one with the calming 'whoosh'

As it pours down everything

Without holding back.

A heavy pouring down

That will make me shout funny things

And it will just drown every uttered word.

When somebody opens the door,

The 'pitter-patter' will even get louder.

Which will make me want to curl

Like a ball on the bed, under the blanket

With the television turned on.

In which I will constantly peep-out

After every long commercial,

To watch my favorite re-runs...

A rain that soothes…

The bruises of today's battles

And will make me forget about tomorrow.

You see, the stars are bright

And every road is touched by the moonlight.

I wish it would rain tonight…

But not here inside,

It’s raining in my room tonight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am generally alright...but God, please let it rain tonight -jerlin 25April2007

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If I Could Sleep

I'd Lay Down

Forever in centuries of time

Dreaming away the present

Into the future

Into the distance

Oh, of all the hurt and pain i'd avoid

To not attend of those whose passing

And missing moments of heartbreak

In eternal bliss

The soft and soothing echoes within this undeveloping embryo

Resilient and everlasting

Childlike emotions preserve

Surrounded by the blues of skies

I am falling

Thorough satsifaction runs deep

Into the core of this soul

If I could

I'd Lay Down

Forever in slumber

Dreaming away the past

Into the Future

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My Sanctuary

When the world throws me curveballs

As if I were an All-Star batter

I am expected to duck out of the way

As they aim toward my head

When demons chase me

Playing cat and mouse, cop and robber

Pointing their brimstone pitchforks at my heart

I must find a place to hide

Running from my personal troubles

Leads me down winding troubling roads

Marked as safe but leading to danger

Toward tortured souls in haunted houses

Friends abandon me at the sight of problems

Not wanting to get involved

Like those who witness a car crash

And just keep driving along

Finding no secure place to escape

I must learn to take solace within myself

Find a hiding spot in my peaceful soul

Becoming my own sanctuary

When the world sinks me lower

Than the flaming pits of hell

I simply walk away from it all

Once again to rest in my sanctuary.

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let us go, then, .... 12Nov06


Let us go, then, you and I--

oh, let us!

Let us roam the forests in the night--

let us run along the bottom,

brushing leaves beneath the river.

Let us go, then, for we must--

let us climb the mountains

in the midnight fog.

Let us sweep on through the valleys--

let us meet the magic where it lives.

Let us live beneath the open sky,

and under rocks and moss and grass.

Let us lie with the worms

in the soft, whispering earth.

Let us run through the trees--

catching secrets as we fly.

Let us be still and breathless

as the deer stare through us.

Let us sleep as stars glare down at us--

promising adventure in their twinkling eyes.

Let go, oh let us go--

till human voices wake us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

first and last lines, credit = T.S. Eliot

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he wakes up


    and he grabs the phone

  his head's still reeling

    and he's still alone

and the dog barks once

he lets it out


        the dog barks again

            and the neighbors shout

he runs to


    but he's always late

  and that teacher yells

    the one he hates

his locker's bare

his hair's dyed red


        when it goes back to brown

            he'll just dye it again

                                            and in his mind's eye

                                            there's such marvelous things

                                            and when he opens his eyes

                                            he's lost in his dreams

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