How to Tame a Cannonball

The fool in the window has followed

His greatest idea of all

To land in the wasteland

While he slowly deteriorates

In panic he's indulgent

Relying on a small reserve

His patience stays, for now

Waiting for something to happen

He's still drifting

In a whole new town

Where nobody knows him or his faults

And where he thought he had a chance

It begins with doubt

He thought that it might

He feels good, but wonders

What there is to feel good about

This is only stasis

And he only has to last

And learn a bit along the way

On how he is to survive

The last of the dinosaurs

Like something of fabled tale

But nobody's bothered to keep track

Or ask him anything that matters

His fortune spoke

And told him to run

For all it was worth

Without a turn to his heart

He wasn't scared

He questions why

His nature speaks

And begs him to reconsider

But the younger side

That's just begun it's life

Urges on his bravery

And allows him to adjust

Some things new, habits of old

Stupid little quirks

What to deny

And what to accept as charming

He misses home

His sheltered place

And his old ways

And his old flame

But they're distant and hold him back

From something so monumental

And his actions here

Are for a better way of seeing

And if it kills him,

Which it may

He'll find some kind of success

Or some sad reason to be happy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The title doesn't fit in an apparent way, but I guess that's why it's mine.

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