putem up or shut up


after all the pain

she has nothing to gain

he controls,hurts and

manipulates her

for him it's a high to control her

the power and pleasure running through his veins

the bruises

the control

the emotional scars

the hurt

the pain

to much to over come

she's become his slave

as he buries himself between her thighs

she's dieing inside crying inside

the time has come

i'm going to interrupt the mad home

things are going to crash

congratulation's are in order


you hit a woman who has no defense

your killing her slowly

tough man you are!

the incredible coward you are

I am gonna rock you all night

blood blood blood and more blood will flow from your body tonight!

tonight you are wanted dead or alive

your body,your head is gunna rock tonight as for others if they don't like it they can suck my cock

like a hurricane

i leave my enemies






in the still of night

when she cries  tonight

those tears won't be because of you they will be for you

so tonight i ask you

a question

that needs answering

it needs closer

will you

putem up or shut up

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