Redemption, Angel of Havok, Maiden of the bond

With a chance

With a chance of dreaming

The sky is red

Ocean filled with tears of blood

Strike the anvil of discord

Clouds of a personnified poison flies

A nature which I am used to

The pain of the poison in my system

Sacrifice is my emotions

My bittersweet life

Tayla has passed

Hel is helps

Redemption feels closer than ever

The Everafter is a shattered realm for us

Depressive fires of darkeness

In chance of leaving

Sacrifice would be free

My true emotions and fears

The drive to success

Bitter nature of my soul

Redemption is there

Hel is there

Both there for my sanity as I am theirs

Wanting to see them both

A melody playing

Spirits of Everafter are playing

The broken angels and kindred soul

Watch as the past spirits play

One stands there looking

Depressive chill in the air

A name on the air

Personnified whisper of Sacrifice

A lone spirit

Used to be part of the Everafter in a angelic form

Love, a bond and a dream

Tayla is amoung these spirits

Redemption holds Sacrifice

She is my shield from these memories

A feeling I haven't felt in ages

Redemptions warmth

Through our bleeding we are one

A lament of our bond

Lucifer and Havok

Sacrifice and Redemption

Angels of forbidden relation

Angels of Destruction


Looking over the Everafter

Spirits of the past are playing all but forgotten

Hel stands watching

The bond that once was is whole again

Redemption, Angel of Havok, Maiden of the bond

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