What Lies Beyond the Mask and Into the EverAfter

Open a pass to the place

A space

A world behind the mask

The one the world sees is a fake



A normal soul

Sacrifice behind the mask

Depression of the night sky

Black as the void of space

The wings that beat in a broken world

A world called the Everafter

Swirling personnifed nightmare

Taking the points of the world the mask lives

Filtering the emotions

The mask acts how others would

Sacrifice reacts as the EverAfter changes

A moment of happyness is a EverAfter moment

The broken shattered souls of the world to enjoy

When this randomness is not there darkness is a feeling

To the world that thinks the know me

A world that steps on me

The world that thinks i don't mind because my mask doesn't care

A horrific nightmare filled the EverAfter is

Filled with the void of those and myself of a shattered world

Depressive aura of Sacrifice

Sitting alone

Hel is a spirit of a kindred heart

Her nightmareish hell

Not being able to save those and escape her fate

Tayla the lost spirit

Damned by the world of my mask

Shattered and destroyed by the vile poison of the world

Taking her own to just be caught in the EverAfter

A blood filled sea flowing with dispair and anger

Redemption is Sacrifice

Sacrifice is Redemption

I am shattered

Broken by the vile poison of this place

Sacrifice my inner self

Behind my mask

A glinting blade

Bleeding my dispair upon this depressive world

The EverAfter is Sacrifices void

Never to seen

I'm not accepted with my mask

I'd be hunter without

You all say you understand

Say you'll help

Say you know

Think your right

Think you know the cure

Do as you wish

Force more and more of this agony and dispair upon Sacrifice

You don't know me

You never will

I haven't been accepted in either form

I don't belong

I belong in the broke depressive EverAfter

Hopeing for a random moment

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Nice heart felt poem!

Nice heart felt poem!