Love knows not the lips of a lady who loves loneliness.

She feels no need to be with anyone who needs her now.

Happy to be alone in her world with all the comforts that surround her.

Quiet times with her thoughts of better places to be in.

Deep in a book traveling far and feeling the places she never went.

Knowing the people who were in the past that never crossed her path.

Feeling the emotions of other people, real or not, it doesn’t matter.

She is content with the view from another.

Written with words that traveled long and far for many years.

To her eyes, only to see through her imagination.

Molded from her recollections and what she knows

Learning and growing from the tongue of another

That touches the paper at her finger tips.

Loneliness is welcome to travel on the journey

To a different world than the one she knows.

May be better, maybe worse.

But different than the path she chose.

Not to feel her surroundings from around

Until the last page of her book is found.

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