Life Changes

Icy hearted soul // how can a niqqa be so cold // living thru life with such a unbarring load // it was foretold by da household to search for gold // to enroll in life only to manifold // i was good // yea i was good // but dats b4 // i been through life & slowly changed into a carnivore // ignoring haters & killing dem other dinosaurs // it was only once upon a time where I stumbled upon our love // so I stumble upon da stars & ask if love was from above // so I can say I'm dis way & blame it on da ladies // saying every ex jus somehow slowly changed me // but some of y'all may take dat as an hyperbole // but writing da truth in poems is my Idiosyncrasy // I'm da way I am becuz of da way life is // constantly changin like a mother fucking pop quiz // so I adapt & overcome da challenges // & I understand so it's something I gotta live with // becoming smarter at this yea ima life wiz // so please dnt judge & read between da lines // understand da book so u can realize // u ain't seen dis life thru my eyes // u jus seen it thru urs but for dat I applause // cuz every book is different & unique // u cud read da chapter but still won't kno da story // so for all of u dats reading keep reading if u feel me // pick up a book & judge only if u kno thee


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His gentle fingers
Down my spine sending shivers
In his eyes I see love
That equals mine.

With a smile he greets me
With a kiss he leaves me
If he ever leaves me
What I'd miss is ,I couldn't imagine

It's his touch maybe
The way he makes me feel
It is whatever
Head over heels Is what I am.

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Alone Cold Hurt

I walk

I watch the world spin past

I see happiness all around

I sleep at night

I am

I walk away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/3/11. This is about the absolute loneliness that I've felt lately.

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Frigid Spring


Hey Spring, what happened to you?
You used to be cheerful with everything new;
New plants, birds sang, and the morning dew.
Now you look so blue.

You are grim and you are always grey,
You rid joy, despite everyone’s dismay.
I’ve seen rain that made the road decay,
And wind that paved the way.

I remember a short twelve months ago,
You had love to show.
You had fields of chrome and rays of yellow,
And breezes that softly blow.

I just want to know,
Hey Spring! Hey Spring!
Where’d you go?

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Hot And Cold


Another sweltering July day

I watch you work


Naked to the waist and sweating

From my rocker in the shade


Asking if you want a drink

I retreat inside for a while


Returning with tea and a blanket

To me it’s always been cold in Hades



Written on

May 5, 2009

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem wasn't written to anyone in particular just a thought I had in my head.

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I wish I could see,

Life through your eyes.

For my eyes

are cold and


Never meant to hurt you.

Never meant to suffer you.

Thank you for understanding me.

Thank you for loving me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Cold as Ice

ice cold ...
frozen ...

numbing ...

pain ...

crippling me ...

so tired of shouldering ...
wrapping around
from the blade
traveling down
along my arm
following through
to my fingertips ...
cold fucking fingertips

Damn it, I hate this shit!
do I really have to quit
doing what I love? 


I can hardly type
but I'll keep up the fight
I hope to find relief
from this fucking suffering


it hurts!

It fucking hurts!

it fucking sucks!

SO sick of it! ...

two years of this shit ...
or is it now three
can it fucking be?

I'd found a way
to survive
in this fucked up
money hungry
region of greed

I'd established a means
to get what I need
doing what I love ...

but now ...
the pain ...
the suffering ...

must love
lead to suffering?

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Don't cock block my vitamin D or you'll make a real bitch outta me


“You need eye wear,” says the kid at the gym
“I didn’t last time,” I said to him
“Well unfortunately it’s our policy”
Was his reply back to me
I don’t know why it pissed me off so bad
I know he’s just doing his job but I got so mad
10 dollar eye wear…yeh okayyy go fuck yourself
Do me a favor and put that shit right back on the shelf
Smiling softly and saying “I understand” as I walk away
Thinking about things that I'd really like to say
All I wanted to do was get into a tanning bed
But I left that place fucking pissed off instead
I hate the people that work at that particular Planet Fitness
I gotta stop going there or God is my witness
The bell will toll and heads will roll
The little bitchy girl behind the counter goes first
She’s the one that annoys me the worst
Wanna throw punches and elbows in her smooshy snotty little face
Get all UFC up in that wretched place
Knock the kid with the eye wear from here to hell
Then beat his ass with a 20lb dumbbell
“Now that would be a workout”, I think as I start my car
I’m glad I don’t have to drive very far
It’s fucking frrrrrrreezing
Which is why I love tanning so much during this season

Author's Notes/Comments: 

little things really piss me off for no reason i vent by writing i guess?

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It is Cold, in My Room

It is cold, in my room.
Cool air circulated by fans
caresses my body.
It captures my warmth
and slyly carries it away.

It is cold, in my room.
The air between my roomate
and me is frozen
We refuse to talk about
the elephant in the room.

It is cold, in my room.
The temperature drops
degree by degree.
The breeze is strong,
causing me to shiver.

It is cold, in my room.
Silence fills the space,
cold politeness is false.
We now dislike each other,
she makes me miserable.

It is Cold, in My Room.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/19/09.  April Challenge Day 15: change a title and write a poem to it.  The inspirational poem was "It is Night, in My Study" by Miguel de Chamuno.

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