Life Changes

Icy hearted soul // how can a niqqa be so cold // living thru life with such a unbarring load // it was foretold by da household to search for gold // to enroll in life only to manifold // i was good // yea i was good // but dats b4 // i been through life & slowly changed into a carnivore // ignoring haters & killing dem other dinosaurs // it was only once upon a time where I stumbled upon our love // so I stumble upon da stars & ask if love was from above // so I can say I'm dis way & blame it on da ladies // saying every ex jus somehow slowly changed me // but some of y'all may take dat as an hyperbole // but writing da truth in poems is my Idiosyncrasy // I'm da way I am becuz of da way life is // constantly changin like a mother fucking pop quiz // so I adapt & overcome da challenges // & I understand so it's something I gotta live with // becoming smarter at this yea ima life wiz // so please dnt judge & read between da lines // understand da book so u can realize // u ain't seen dis life thru my eyes // u jus seen it thru urs but for dat I applause // cuz every book is different & unique // u cud read da chapter but still won't kno da story // so for all of u dats reading keep reading if u feel me // pick up a book & judge only if u kno thee


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In a way, everything changes

In a way, everything changes a person, including exs. Exs either end up hurting you, or themselves, or sometimes both. They break your heart, and change your view, of how things are like, love, or life. It makes you think more, and it takes your emotions and ties them in knots, that you have to cut to get them out. Either way, you always have to move on, and get threw it. You cant get stuck tied up, or you get no where. I cant say iv lived exactly iny your shoes, but iv lived,and delt with the some of the same challenges, as we all end up faceing them, evently. Once again, loved it. I love the details, the words, orginality, and esspically the emotions you have in your poem and your heart.