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A winter so cold
You could barely breathe
But such a beautiful sight
Snow balls flying
Kids playing outside
Cheeks so red
Mothers are worried
Wind blowing
Skies dark and forbidding
A dog walking through the snow
Taking one tiny step at a time
Nose up in the air
Tail wagging
Wanting to play
He barked and started to slide
He fell over in a heap
His little heart racing
When out of nowhere
A ball came flying
high and fast
Before you knew it
He was up and running
He caugh it
He was so excited
He played the rest of the day.
A winter so cold
When they got cold
They placed him in a warm blanket
Everyone was so cold
The place was full of snow
No matter what they did
The house stayed cold
Then they finally made it
It got warm again
A winter so cold.

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