Too Quickly.

You seem to misunderstand, dear one.
I did not say this would be fun!
Pft, no, you won't be in charge.
Yes, there should be suspicion at large.
I'm no warrior woman knight,
Here to help you to the light.
Bet you wish you'd've gotten the nymph.
Warriors have their downfall, as big as cliffs.
Your attempts to seduce me are for naught.
I'll grace you, since my amusement is caught.
Make your death quick with a painless blow,
No reason to worry, just like you told me so.
Any last words, sweetheart?
Any pleas before I cut you all apart?
Well, Hell, see how I hesitate?
And see the hunger in your eyes, in which can't be sated!
This must be some sick jest.
For the life of me, impossible to push this blade into chest.
Some kind of curse; I have to get rid of it! I must!
Stop looking at me with that intensity, that lust.
This softening of my heart can't be real.
Finish your kiss with a bond of seal!
Break my ice; free me at last.
Make me forget my terrible past.

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