Desert Foxes

Panzer division coming through,

desert warfare,

knowhere to hide;

Rommels orders,

impenetrable armor,

unstoppabble force;

die british scum!!!


Heavy Shells in unison;

flee like rabbits!!!;

spoils of war for us,

our hard earned resources,


Empires might,

reach of the reich,

Rommel's Wehrmacht


Bleeding of the desert;

land of the dust;

and make your lawrence of Arabia

cower to us!!!!


Defeat of your global empire;

cuttng off the head of your snake;

black sun rising; our hidden fire returning,

no more world's burning; our thunder god's landing!!!


Fleeting desert foxes;

sand storm coming;

flee like rabbits back

where ye came from!!!


Devil Dogs!!!!!







Author's Notes/Comments:

 the hydra or the real empire is the globalized system; the so called "allied" powers.

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