The Story Behind it All

The Story Behind it All



The man looked at the sky, glimpses of light suddenly lit it up. The sound of dying men filled up the air as Nick passed on by. It was dark and Nick could not see what he was stumbling upon, yet he was determined to finish his work. He saw a woman crying with her child in hands, lifeless.

“HELP ME PLEASE, MY SON! MY SON!” called out the woman.

“Sorry ma’am, there is nothing I can do for you” replayed nick as he continued to walk.


Westminster Abbey read the sign in the wall of what used to be the capital’s Church. He could se Parliament Square Garden in the distance, he was only 6 minutes away from destination. He took the gun from a dead soldier in the street, and started to run.

“This has to be it,” he said to himself. “This ends tonight.”

A sudden flash blinded him and big roar filled his ears, he stumbled down with the big shockwave he felt in his left side. He lay down still in the floor and regained consciousness. He got up. There used to be a house to his left side, now there was only a hole in the ground.


His uniform was filled with blood, dust and mud. He had been fighting for 4 years now and had never known, but tonight, tonight it all ends. “The world will finally know” he mumbled. “We will be free from war and his wishes will be met.” He started to run he was 4 minutes away from destination. He had to take a right then a left. Bombes dropped around him the sound was filled with pain and suffering, if he succeded all of this would end, but who would bring order to the world? This was not his to think he just had to complete his mission, the one that would change the course of the world.

“Stop right there!” yelled a guard.

Nick started to run, his heart was beating fast, he could not fail.

“Oy! Stop mate!”

“You would never understand!”

Snap! Snap! Snap!

The soldier fell to the floor and nick continued to run. He had to be fast, he had now wasted 3 round on that soldier and the noise would attract others.

He took the left then the right and was met with no resistance.


            Finally he was there the war rooms, he opened the door and started to descend, he would find it here, his mission, his life would end but so would the world suffering, this war would come to an end.

He shot twice and two guards fell on the floor. The door labeled “Conference Room” stood still.


Nick opened the door, and to his surprise there it was, his mission.

Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin.......... and Hitler.


Churchill fell.


Roosevelt fell.


Stalin and Hitler fell to the floor.

Nick’s mission was done.


Nick fell to the floor, as Eisenhower, Rommel, Zhukov and Montgomery walked in.....

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