September Eleventh

The Children Of 9/11/2001

9/11 Poems

Some of them were too young
to remember what went on,
two and three years old
they just started the parent, child bond.

Others would remember that day
as they sat back and cried,
not growing up with their parent
for ten long years, they were denied.

Remembering those lost today
children's hearts, still torn in two,
looking at names engraved in stone
for the entire world to view.

Copyright Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on the tenth anniversary.

Let Them Know

9/11 Poems

The skies were a clear blue
ten years ago today,
then the skies were filled with horror
the prices, people had to pay.

Why can't the world, live as one
just the way God wants?
It would make Him happier
but instead, in just haunts.

There are many, hurting hearts
too many tears are being shed,
this world should be a happy place
but, it's always filled with dread.

I say to you my friends
try to lend a helping hand,
remember those families of 9/11
don't let this be, their last stand.

Let them know, we ARE there
to help them, when they're in need,
a friendly smile to greet them
and a warm hug, yes, INDEED.

Copyright Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on the tenth year anniversary.

Don't Cry, I Am Here

9/11 Poems

I know, within my heart and soul
that this has been a hard day,
friends and family, remembering those lost
just trying to find their way.

Millions of tears had been shed
throughout ten years too long,
but in your hearts, try to remember
your loved ones, with a happy song.

Many people had passed on this day
lest we forget them all,
I send my hugs, directly to you
I will be there to catch you, if you fall.

I will give you a shoulder to lean on
if you can't stand on your own two feet,
I am one of many in this world
with loving, open arms, I will greet.

God doesn't want you to cry
He holds your loved ones near,
keeping them safe, in the arms of His love
there is nothing, no longer to fear.

Copyright Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ten years to the day.

An Emotional Day

9/11 Poems

A woman cries, for her husband
one of many, carved in stone,
I can feel her heart breaking
she wants him to come home.

It fills my eyes with tears
looking at pictures of families,
listening to the names of the lost
many souls, that had been released.

It's been an emotional day
for those, left behind,
wishing they could take their place
solice in this world, they are trying to find.

Trying to go on with life
without their loved ones near,
they're trying not to forget them
'neath a blue sky, so clear.

My prayers are being said
for everyone that has cried,
remembering all of those Angels, in Heaven
forever sitting at God's side.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I will be posting more Sept.11th poems.