Let Them Know

9/11 Poems

The skies were a clear blue
ten years ago today,
then the skies were filled with horror
the prices, people had to pay.

Why can't the world, live as one
just the way God wants?
It would make Him happier
but instead, in just haunts.

There are many, hurting hearts
too many tears are being shed,
this world should be a happy place
but, it's always filled with dread.

I say to you my friends
try to lend a helping hand,
remember those families of 9/11
don't let this be, their last stand.

Let them know, we ARE there
to help them, when they're in need,
a friendly smile to greet them
and a warm hug, yes, INDEED.

Copyright Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on the tenth year anniversary.