Big bad ugly Bear

Putins come to Cornwall

He wants to give the RAF a scare

He has also been to Bournemouth

With his big bad ugly bear

He is drinking a bottle of vodka

And smoking a fat cigar

With his finger on the nuclear button

Cameron thinks he has gone too far

Next week he is going to Blackpool

In his big bad ugly bear

He wants to see the tower

Is there nobody Vlad doesn’t fear?

Putin has been seen over Scunthorpe

Waving at the RAF

Then he’s off to fly over the Falklands

To see if we have any planes left

He knows with the MOD defence cuts

He can do whatever he wants

In his big fat ugly bear

He Taunts and Taunts and Taunts

Oh Putins coming to London

Oh Da Da Da Da Da Da Da !!!!!!


© Tony McNally



Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lighthearted peom about a serious problem of Russian agression into UK airspace.

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PBS' And Frontline's Double Standard



PBS' And Frontline's Double Standard 

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Frontline, a 'news' show of PBS TV,  did a 'biography' of Vladimir Putin, mentioning


1. the 110 oligarchs of Russia (those profiteers who stole the people's assets after Harvard economists were indicted by the Clinton presidency for deliberate destabilization of the Russian economy) but not the 400 richest Americans (each of whom has more than 1.55 billion according to

2. that Putin put a rein on the oligarchs, jailing the most egregious of the thieves, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.   Frontline simultaneously criticized Putin for Russia's oligarchs (who amassed their wealth during the G H W Bush planned destabilization, at the same time Frontline criticized Putin for acting against one of the oligarchs.  (What billionaire in the US has been put in jail?)

3. the past war in Russia but not the ongoing wars of the US, 30 trillions of dollars or more for which have been stolen from the people of the US.

4. Putin's role as a minor officer in the KGB in E. Germany but not G H W Bush's role as head of the CIA

5. The assets of Putin but not that of Gerald Ford, who entered the presidency a man of modest means and left it as a billionaire, thanks to the pharmaceutical industry's 'swine flu vaccines'.

6. That Putin after Medyedev's term finished, began his 3rd term, but not that George Bush was never elected by the people of the US, not in 2000 nor in 2004.

7. secret trials in Russia but not the secret grand juries in the US, not the FISA Court secrecy, nor the trials in which the jurors are under gag rules and the court records sealed

Not mentioning

1. That Russia is among the 88% of the world's countries not involved in government murder, while the US remains one of the 12%, with the state of Texas executing more than many countries.

2. that Russia helps socialist countries while the US government overthrows democratically elected governments and assassinates socialist government leaders for the benefit of loan shark capitalism.

3. that Russia is not waging war against any country, while the handlers of our president are waging war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan and other countries, murdering civilians and soldiers, animals, birds, reptiles, insects and trees.

4. A map of Goldman Sachs influence in the European Union, including in the Ukraine, can be seen as a motivation of socialist countries to take a stand.  See link directly below.

This is written by a lifetime citizen of America,  one who believes that before we point accusing fingers at others, we ourselves should be an honest democracy.  With our unelected 5 Republicans who serve for life on the 'Supreme" Court, with our disproportionate Senate which gives cattle ranchers of Wyoming with its half million residents 72 times the power of citizens of California with its 36 million people, we have never been a democracy.  The pawns of US oligarchs are oligarchs themselves in the US Senate.  We have a rogue agency, the CIA, running amuck turning other countries' forests into muck as it bombs people who are sitting ducks.  My own wish list for Russia includes disinvolving from the fur trade,  deforesting lumber, etc. 

-saiom shriver-


The website of Confessions Of An Economic Hitman's John Perkins, who risked his life to describe his role working to destabilize other governments for the US government.

Iraq Veterans Against the War

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Ukraine Conflict

We got this conflict over in the Ukraine

People fightin, not usin they're brain

It started off with some peaceful protests

Now, all the people detest

This big ol' land grab they got goin on

Governments over there actin like fawn

Cry like a baby 'til they get what they want

They got people to support 'em

Proud activists contemplating boredom

Start kidnappin people like Dmytro Bulatov

Take away that freedom he was born of

When they tortured him for 8 days straight

Some may say “It's just fate”

That these countries are having a violent debate

But like anything else, it could be averted

Like a flame, it just needs some water to be squirted

Instead of Pro-Russian groups committin violence

They should take a step back, and close their eyelids

The struggle could all just disappear

If they could tell what was going on here

All these people could stop living in fear

If the governments would just work it out


They wouldn't need to have this crazy bout.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Never really posted a poem anywhere before, but I recently got into poetry (or maybe just rhyming). I would love some feedback/*constructive* criticism, and of course thanks to everyone who reads it for taking the time to do so!

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Dalya was sitting
with her brother
beside me
in the 9 seater


mini bus
the Yank girl
was at the front
with the driver/guide


and some other prat
who was a teacher
we'd passed into Germany
and were travelling along


to the next base camp
I was reading
Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag book
what's that about?


Dalya asked
Russian labour camps
between 1918 and 1958
I said


she said
haven't you
anything lighter?


I said
I only brought this
to fill in the time


between camps
looks boring
she said
the death of millions


can never be boring
I said
some of my relations
died in the Nazi camps


she said
her brother said
Auschwitz Uncle and Auntie
died in and our grandparents


so not boring then
I said
Dalya shrugged
her shoulders


guess not
she looked away
I read on for a while
I thought of Dalya


the evening before
at the first base camp
after putting up the tents
she said


that Yank bitch
did nothing
to put our tent up
stood there yakking


to the driver/guide
she in her leathers
and tight pants
and I have to


share with her
and it's all about
what she's doing
and how the guys


are all over her
and she with the posh
sleeping bag
and Dalya went on


over drinks
at the base camp bar
you can always
share with me


I said
why would I?
she said
why wouldn't you?


I said
I’ve only just met you
the other day
she said


what do you
take me for?
a pretty girl
out for a good time


in a foreign land
I said
I can't anyway
she said


she's in my tent
and my brother
shares with you
she was right of course


but the thought
was there
even if
the opportunity wasn't


she glared
at the Yank girl's head
in front
I read about


the NKVD
or whatever
they were called
and sensed Dalya's body


next to mine
her thigh touching
against me
I closed the book


and looked out
at the passing view
at fields
and trees


and the sky
of washed out blue.

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