Big bad ugly Bear

Putins come to Cornwall

He wants to give the RAF a scare

He has also been to Bournemouth

With his big bad ugly bear

He is drinking a bottle of vodka

And smoking a fat cigar

With his finger on the nuclear button

Cameron thinks he has gone too far

Next week he is going to Blackpool

In his big bad ugly bear

He wants to see the tower

Is there nobody Vlad doesn’t fear?

Putin has been seen over Scunthorpe

Waving at the RAF

Then he’s off to fly over the Falklands

To see if we have any planes left

He knows with the MOD defence cuts

He can do whatever he wants

In his big fat ugly bear

He Taunts and Taunts and Taunts

Oh Putins coming to London

Oh Da Da Da Da Da Da Da !!!!!!


© Tony McNally



Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lighthearted peom about a serious problem of Russian agression into UK airspace.

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Propaganda Purveyors October 2014

current affairs

Propaganda Purveyors October 2014


greetings family/friends/whoever. How do?

Just had to write a poem to you

About the propaganda purveyors

adding lots of extra layers

one job only to hide the truth

from the likes of me and you


Nothing is what it seems

In yours and mine 3d reality

the worlds media owned by Jews

they are in the thick of it too

sanitising all the news

to keep the truth hidden from you


for example the ebola outbreak

just causing divide and hate

can be prevented with vit C

then it wont effect u and me

dont forget the CDC




same crisis actors are used too

Sandy Hook, Boston, Ebola too

to make you real scared of it

but this time not for profit

the inoculations gonna kill

and its designed to: mental


loads of other lies on your TV

lowers vibration permanent worry

the first beheading, James FOLEY

he didn’t die, all a bit dodgy

'foley' used in Hollywood

putting up a green screen hood


hidden meaning in that name

then again also sounds insane

ISIS and Al quaeda before

both CIA revolving doors

problem, reaction solutions too

daily they pull the wool over you


And the Chinese government just said

do you think we are brain dead?

Stop lying to your people through

the worlds media, tell some truth

journo's breaking ranks as well

loads of recent kiss and tells


Then there is Vladimir Putin

a 98% approval rating

he's standing up to the illuminati

who are doing things Nazi

they are trying to strangle his cash

Saudis, oil prices they slash


he never did all those things

In Ukraine, about clipping wings

of those who don’t agree

with the illuminati policies

I have no doubt he will come thru

because he's on the side of truth


and then there's Syria /kurdistan

all about the ousting of Assad

he has the support of the majority

in keeping his country Nazi free

the bombing of ISIS is secretly

Aimed at Assad by the Nazi’s


Turkey are keeping out of it too

cos secretly they love ISIS too

Erdogan cant support the west

if he does an election second best

The USA dithering too

cos they want the ISIS Problem extended

for more than a year or two.


They also covet Iran as well

because another true story to tell

the plane by Malaysian airlines

you know, the one they couldn’t find?

Mossad were going to blow it up

and blame it on Iran, out of luck

Andromedan's, benevolent et's

made it disappear definitely


Id love to see the good ol USA

have a pop at Iran any day

2 million with guns in their hands

in 24 hours, that's a fact

they really wouldn't dare officially

so the CIA stick to blowing things up



Its not all 'false flags' though

here is a 'I told you so'

entrovirus is the real danger

this is the one of which you should care

mutated by fukishima

no cure, nothing to save ya.

The propaganda purveyors dont mention that

cos they got no cure for it FACT!!!


these are all the worlds problems

surprise surprise, most have solutions

provided by your government

don’t get a shot n make your own luck

nothing to be scared of, we don’t die

if any of the above get me...


see you in the next life

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