Cabin Fever

The rain drums hard on the caravan roof. The kids

Are restless, and ready to flip their little lids!

They'd rather be outside now, playing in the sand;

I tell them it's too wet, but they don't undersdtand.

We play Snakes and Ladders, but not without some tears.

My sons don't like to lose; but then my wife appears

With lemonade and cookies. The boys both shout, "Hooray!"

Our board game is abandoned. "Now what else can we play?" 

I find a pack of cards, and start a game of Snap! 

I make sure I don't win (for I'm a decent chap).

Then they fetch their colouring books, giving me a break.

I read my magazine, but that's a big mistake!

The boys sneak up and ambush me, ruffling my hair.

I'm taken by surprise, while sitting in my chair.

Amid this rough and tumble, my wife returns once more:

"Hey look! The sun is out! Let's all get through that door!"

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2017


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by memories of family caravan holidays in Filey, on the Yorkshire coast.


Seasons In Hell

Welcome Witches & Warlocks 
Thou who bear The Devil's mark
All who have flown here tonight
To be in the presence of The Infernal Majesty
The Trapezohedron is aglow with The Black Flame of Satan!
From The Brimstone Pit, The fires of Hell consume & purify!
Grand Sabbatic Altar, Lilith enthroned thereon
Come forth & receive The Blessings of Lucifer!

On this most Unholy Walpurgisnacht
Villagers they cower in fear
Stay away from Witch's Mountain
Or never be heard from again!

Walpurgisfire in the darkness
Hellfire in their eyes
Pentagram, inverted crosses
Are shining bright tonight!

Sorcery, Black Magic
Spells & incantations
Curses & invocations
Sacrificial offerings
Diabolic Justice
Seals the Pact with blood!

The clouds are darkening... with tempestorm
The skies are spotted... with strangest forms
Dread cries of a creature... infernal bourne!

Wicked Walpurgisnacht
Feel & see it in the air
Things not quite as they seem
Demons dancing, embers fly
Shadows of the Dragon Goat
Infernal bliss, possession!

Sinful Walpurgisnacht
By Lilith, Serpentine demoness 
Succubus comes forth!
Embraced into her lusts
Flaming eyes of Baphomet
Orgiastic debauchery sublime
Osculum Infame
Satantric Cummunion
Baptism in the Demon seed
Indulge thy fetish pleasures, & Strongest Life!

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Upon mighty demonic steeds did ride the thundering skies, arising from Western Gates of Hell upon the Abyssal Winds of Lucifer & Mayhem, unto a city filled with The Draegon's treasures, landing gracefully with steel cloven hooves, but with quaking and cracking earth in its wake. Lightning striking from one end to the other, with Spells fulfilled in Sabbath pleasures, by the rippling muscles of The Beast, horns & thorns resplendant!

Many wonders were seen on this day, even traversing o'er the tattered remains of the nazarene deathcult, and offerings presented themselves upon The Altar of Life & Death! Lilith & Hecate came forth to take their due! Mighty Abaddon & Kali came through from within & without in reflective rapport, in gloriously opalescent rainments of crimson, ivory, & jasper, with crowns of flame and ebon eyes of eternity. Speaking tongues incomprehensible, keys of knowledge from deep within the shadowsphere, revealing portals stepped through black angles of space & time/lessness, made known with visions immortal!

Ave Satanas! Rege Satanas! Hail to The flesh forever! Shemhamforash! Hail Satan! SO IT IS DONE.

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Noctuary, The Black Earth
Walpurgisnacht LIV


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Christmas dream

Twas the night before Christmas, and I'm thinking about you
What can I say? It's all that I do
In my mind I picture, you and you lovely hair
Then I find myself wishing, that I was suddenly there.
Then I see your lips, so inviting for me to kiss
Then I'm holding you in my arms, I finely know loves bliss
Your looking in my eyes, deep down to my soul
Then you see forever, and my love for you till deaths bell tolls.
I kiss you on the neck, I nibble on your ear
Then you hear me whisper... "I love you my sweet dear"
Then the morning light, wakes me from my sleep
It's Christmas morning, it was only a dream... But oh... It was so sweet!!!

by:Paul (Chrywizard) Posney 12-24-2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

merry Christmas lovers

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Dalya was sitting
with her brother
beside me
in the 9 seater


mini bus
the Yank girl
was at the front
with the driver/guide


and some other prat
who was a teacher
we'd passed into Germany
and were travelling along


to the next base camp
I was reading
Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag book
what's that about?


Dalya asked
Russian labour camps
between 1918 and 1958
I said


she said
haven't you
anything lighter?


I said
I only brought this
to fill in the time


between camps
looks boring
she said
the death of millions


can never be boring
I said
some of my relations
died in the Nazi camps


she said
her brother said
Auschwitz Uncle and Auntie
died in and our grandparents


so not boring then
I said
Dalya shrugged
her shoulders


guess not
she looked away
I read on for a while
I thought of Dalya


the evening before
at the first base camp
after putting up the tents
she said


that Yank bitch
did nothing
to put our tent up
stood there yakking


to the driver/guide
she in her leathers
and tight pants
and I have to


share with her
and it's all about
what she's doing
and how the guys


are all over her
and she with the posh
sleeping bag
and Dalya went on


over drinks
at the base camp bar
you can always
share with me


I said
why would I?
she said
why wouldn't you?


I said
I’ve only just met you
the other day
she said


what do you
take me for?
a pretty girl
out for a good time


in a foreign land
I said
I can't anyway
she said


she's in my tent
and my brother
shares with you
she was right of course


but the thought
was there
even if
the opportunity wasn't


she glared
at the Yank girl's head
in front
I read about


the NKVD
or whatever
they were called
and sensed Dalya's body


next to mine
her thigh touching
against me
I closed the book


and looked out
at the passing view
at fields
and trees


and the sky
of washed out blue.

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2014 New Year's Eve


It was the year of fire.
The year of heartbroken.
The year I took back what was mine.
It was the year of restart.
The year of a new beginning.
The year of pain.
And a year of joy.
It was a new age & time.
It was the end of history.
It was the year everything changed.
The year is 2014.
The place is Here!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this sorta poem on New Year's Eve for the turn of 2014...

The idea I got it off a Sci-fi TV show that I admire, Babylon 5 in the part of the intro of Season 4. Here is the original from where I got the idea from:

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When God was thinking up the world

and making things brand new

He thought to make a happy sound

and wondered what to do


Then came a tiny angel

from Heavens tinsled dell

and whispered in God's listening ear

He smiled and made a Christmas Bell


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Giving thanks

Today is special because it's Thanksgiving.
Everybody should be thankful for living.
Our soldiers fought and died for our freedom in wars.
They and the freedom they gave are things to be thankful for.

Give thanks for the food that you have on this glorious day.
Thousands are suffering from starvation and passing away.
We should certainly give thanks for the loved ones who we adore.
Help people who are less fortunate and you'll be somebody who they're thankful for.

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235 years of independence

Today is July the 4th and millions of Americans are celebrating.
We got independence in 1776 and that's something I'm not understating.
Many people will be shooting fireworks tonight.
When I light my bottle rockets, they will take flight.
I'm really looking forward to firing off Roman Candles.
But fireworks can be dangerous if they're mishandled.
Celebrating the fourth of July sure does make a lot of sense.
For two hundred and thirty-five years we've had independence.

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