Ukraine Conflict

We got this conflict over in the Ukraine

People fightin, not usin they're brain

It started off with some peaceful protests

Now, all the people detest

This big ol' land grab they got goin on

Governments over there actin like fawn

Cry like a baby 'til they get what they want

They got people to support 'em

Proud activists contemplating boredom

Start kidnappin people like Dmytro Bulatov

Take away that freedom he was born of

When they tortured him for 8 days straight

Some may say “It's just fate”

That these countries are having a violent debate

But like anything else, it could be averted

Like a flame, it just needs some water to be squirted

Instead of Pro-Russian groups committin violence

They should take a step back, and close their eyelids

The struggle could all just disappear

If they could tell what was going on here

All these people could stop living in fear

If the governments would just work it out


They wouldn't need to have this crazy bout.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Never really posted a poem anywhere before, but I recently got into poetry (or maybe just rhyming). I would love some feedback/*constructive* criticism, and of course thanks to everyone who reads it for taking the time to do so!

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A war to end all wars


For more than 100 years, the people of earth waged a bitter war against the invaders, fighting and dying to protect a planet that was already ravaged and on the edge of death's cliff, vowing with each generation, to win at all costs; to send thier sons and daughters into battle against an unforgving enemy, to face defeat and slavery, and the reality of their own demise.

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