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PBS' And Frontline's Double Standard



PBS' And Frontline's Double Standard 

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Frontline, a 'news' show of PBS TV,  did a 'biography' of Vladimir Putin, mentioning


1. the 110 oligarchs of Russia (those profiteers who stole the people's assets after Harvard economists were indicted by the Clinton presidency for deliberate destabilization of the Russian economy) but not the 400 richest Americans (each of whom has more than 1.55 billion according to

2. that Putin put a rein on the oligarchs, jailing the most egregious of the thieves, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.   Frontline simultaneously criticized Putin for Russia's oligarchs (who amassed their wealth during the G H W Bush planned destabilization, at the same time Frontline criticized Putin for acting against one of the oligarchs.  (What billionaire in the US has been put in jail?)

3. the past war in Russia but not the ongoing wars of the US, 30 trillions of dollars or more for which have been stolen from the people of the US.

4. Putin's role as a minor officer in the KGB in E. Germany but not G H W Bush's role as head of the CIA

5. The assets of Putin but not that of Gerald Ford, who entered the presidency a man of modest means and left it as a billionaire, thanks to the pharmaceutical industry's 'swine flu vaccines'.

6. That Putin after Medyedev's term finished, began his 3rd term, but not that George Bush was never elected by the people of the US, not in 2000 nor in 2004.

7. secret trials in Russia but not the secret grand juries in the US, not the FISA Court secrecy, nor the trials in which the jurors are under gag rules and the court records sealed

Not mentioning

1. That Russia is among the 88% of the world's countries not involved in government murder, while the US remains one of the 12%, with the state of Texas executing more than many countries.

2. that Russia helps socialist countries while the US government overthrows democratically elected governments and assassinates socialist government leaders for the benefit of loan shark capitalism.

3. that Russia is not waging war against any country, while the handlers of our president are waging war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan and other countries, murdering civilians and soldiers, animals, birds, reptiles, insects and trees.

4. A map of Goldman Sachs influence in the European Union, including in the Ukraine, can be seen as a motivation of socialist countries to take a stand.  See link directly below.

This is written by a lifetime citizen of America,  one who believes that before we point accusing fingers at others, we ourselves should be an honest democracy.  With our unelected 5 Republicans who serve for life on the 'Supreme" Court, with our disproportionate Senate which gives cattle ranchers of Wyoming with its half million residents 72 times the power of citizens of California with its 36 million people, we have never been a democracy.  The pawns of US oligarchs are oligarchs themselves in the US Senate.  We have a rogue agency, the CIA, running amuck turning other countries' forests into muck as it bombs people who are sitting ducks.  My own wish list for Russia includes disinvolving from the fur trade,  deforesting lumber, etc. 

-saiom shriver-


The website of Confessions Of An Economic Hitman's John Perkins, who risked his life to describe his role working to destabilize other governments for the US government.

Iraq Veterans Against the War

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: Ebola Seen In Light Of 1976 Swine Flu Hoax


: Ebola Seen In Light Of 1976 Swine Flu Hoax 

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Toxic makers of vaccines have been offered immunity several times in the United States. President Gerald Ford pushed immunity for the 'swine flu' vaccine makers in 1976 which had caused hundreds of deaths and thousands of cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome.

 As 4 pharmaceutical companies profiteered, the taxpayers were out 135 million dollars. Gerald Ford was made a billionaire for his part in playing along. 40 million Americans were pushed to have vaccinations by the Centers For Disease Control and Ford, despite the fact that swine flu incidents were recorded only at Fort Dix and only for a fortnight in January and February. (Soldiers are also government victims in the case of the drug Lariam, called an antimalarial drug. Under its influence 4 Marines killed their wives. Soldiers on duty in Asia given were Japanese encephalitis shots resulting in many in very high fevers and resultant Parkinsons' Disease.)

Soldiers at US bases were unconstitutionally forced to have the vaccine. Pneumatically driven vaccine guns went down the rows of queued soldiers.  Needles in the gun were not changed, and many soldiers contracted hepatitis.

There were 4 drug companies given contracts, one of which was Parke Davis.

Legal immunity from vaccine manufacture was again pushed through the Senate by Republican health care billionaire Senator Frist and also in 2009 by Kathleen Sebelius.

Avian flu, swine flu in 1976, swine flu in 2009, SARS...
are they all scams of the international drug company cartels and their pawns in governments? Donald Rumsfeld owned the US distribution rights to Tamiflu,  which was ballyhooed as a cure for avian flu.

The Federal Times reported in July of 1976 that Parke Davis had made 2 million doses of a faulty vaccine.

Legal Immunity For Swine Flu Vaccine Makers By F. William Engdahl

Similarity between 1976 swine flu hoax and ebola. (There are also avian flu, SARS, etc.)

Swine Flu Expose  'compulsory vaccinations are unconstitutional'


1976 Swine Flu Vaccine casts a giant shadow

Lariam, forced on soldiers, creates violent side effects.

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