A March Through Snow In Wartime

The people march,


A great crowd clothed in tatters.


They march hour after hour,


Across barren ice lands,


And past corpses and carcasses,


Famished and frozen as night falls,


And the march shows no signs of ending.


Many stumble, never to get up again.


They lie in the snow, forgotten,


Dying under the night sky


As Europe destroys itself with war,


And nations weep and mourn for their sons.


They march.

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The Pianist

The pianist lifts his arms,


His hands come crashing down.


The bass notes growl, an ominous crescendo,


Warning of civil unrest and tension,


And of a Europe about to go to war.


The audience watches,


Hoping, praying that war will not come.


The pianist pauses, a brief silence that pulsates with uncertainty.


He lifts his wrists again, resuming the menacing trill in the bass,


His fingers working furiously as the growl grows in volume


And the temperature rises in the auditorium.


The audience stares.


A pause follows, and then a lament,


The work of a composer weeping for a lost love, for days gone by,


For his country, perhaps, and for his compatriots.


The pianist continues to play.

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I always liked riding overnight trains when I was traveling in Europe.  It was a way to save time since I could crash out on the train and sleep in transit.  It was neat to wake up in a different city.  It also saved on the cost of lodging for that night.


The ideal would be a train ride around 8 to 11 hours long.  You want to leave in the late evening and arrive in the morning.  You want to arrive early enough to still get breakfast but late enough not to wait too long before getting into your hotel.


I employed this strategy on a trip to Eastern Europe.  I was traveling with a friend and we needed to get from Prague to Krakow.  There was an overnight train scheduled so everything was falling into place.


Of course, this ended up being a train ride from Hell.  This was one of those trains that kept stopping for no known reason and crawled along at a painful, sloth-like pace.  We had a compartment to ourselves and were trying to sleep along three seats.  It was a bumpy ride and I kept waking up.  I kept thinking, maybe it’ll be better when we get to the border.  I’d lay back down to try to get some more fractured sleep.


This kept going on and on.  “Just how big is the Czech Republic?”  It’s taking forever to reach the mythic land of Poland.  You have mythic places like Atlantis and Shangra-La.  Suddenly Poland was becoming one of them.  I mean at some point, the Czech Republic has to end and Poland has to begin.  It’s one of the basic laws of the universe.  It shouldn’t take 18 hours to get out of a country slightly larger than Trenton.  I think the Czech railroad system aspire to be the SEPTA of the European rail systems.


Finally reaching the border provided minimal relief. That seemed to take forever.  I don’t know what was taking so long.  The custom agent on the train didn’t even look at our passports.  He opened up the compartment and questioned; “Polski?”


“Americano.” I answered.  I have no idea why I thought I should make it Italian when talking to a Polish customs agent.  We both had our passports in our hands.  He just shut the door to the compartment.


We could have had pictures of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck on our passports.  He would have never known. 


We finally did arrive in Krakow.  I was frayed frazzled when we arrived.  It felt surreal actually stepping off the train at our desired destination.  I felt like I just endured Dante’s Hell or maybe the labors of Hercules.  I was shaken but unbroken.  We made it.  In the end, I suppose that’s all that really matters.






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Ethnic Cleansing

Europe continues to rot

and further decline


The European Union is

no different then the Soviet Union


You replace one tyrannical facist

beast with another


But it does matter,

ibecause its all from the same source


In the name of diversity

culture is being destroyed

and history is being rewritten


Ethnic cleansing is in effect;

the goal is to completely destroy

the european 





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Dalya was sitting
with her brother
beside me
in the 9 seater


mini bus
the Yank girl
was at the front
with the driver/guide


and some other prat
who was a teacher
we'd passed into Germany
and were travelling along


to the next base camp
I was reading
Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag book
what's that about?


Dalya asked
Russian labour camps
between 1918 and 1958
I said


she said
haven't you
anything lighter?


I said
I only brought this
to fill in the time


between camps
looks boring
she said
the death of millions


can never be boring
I said
some of my relations
died in the Nazi camps


she said
her brother said
Auschwitz Uncle and Auntie
died in and our grandparents


so not boring then
I said
Dalya shrugged
her shoulders


guess not
she looked away
I read on for a while
I thought of Dalya


the evening before
at the first base camp
after putting up the tents
she said


that Yank bitch
did nothing
to put our tent up
stood there yakking


to the driver/guide
she in her leathers
and tight pants
and I have to


share with her
and it's all about
what she's doing
and how the guys


are all over her
and she with the posh
sleeping bag
and Dalya went on


over drinks
at the base camp bar
you can always
share with me


I said
why would I?
she said
why wouldn't you?


I said
I’ve only just met you
the other day
she said


what do you
take me for?
a pretty girl
out for a good time


in a foreign land
I said
I can't anyway
she said


she's in my tent
and my brother
shares with you
she was right of course


but the thought
was there
even if
the opportunity wasn't


she glared
at the Yank girl's head
in front
I read about


the NKVD
or whatever
they were called
and sensed Dalya's body


next to mine
her thigh touching
against me
I closed the book


and looked out
at the passing view
at fields
and trees


and the sky
of washed out blue.

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A Bit of History for You

A Bit of History for You

Rise my brothers rise!
Rise up until the other side meets their demise!
Let us take back what is rightfully ours!
Let us venture forth and unit Europes western powers!
Let those who once fought against brothers and relatives now rightfully fight against barbarians!
Acting swift and just, we will end their reign of totalitarian!
Seizing victory for our Lord screaming "Deus Vult"!
Riding through the fires of war still shouting "Deus Vult"! "Deus Vult"!