Rumi [Haqueian Verse]

Haqueian Verse


Was the sky!


The poet, able to,



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Door To The Soul






this, the place in mind alone

....the place Rumi speaks of...

the place where fantasy lives

and makes all things tolerable

until ignorance is conquered

by truths unknown. 


12:40 PM 7/15/2013 ©







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Who i thought you were fades into the past
Like a sky i once painted
So blue.
I think about you all the time, ive gone mad
I can't stop this, I'm tainted
Its true.
All thats left in my hand is a few grains of sand,
But I am laying on the entire beach
Shoreline stretches to the endless horizon,
Endless opportunities i will never reach.
Oh, how I need you here to tell me it is possible!
I would drown swimming to the impossible,
If you would tell me it is possible.
I open up, like a flower,
be my sun, be my reason for laughter.
I dont want to be locked tight inside this bud, only seeing me,
I dont care to be safe. With this love like the ocean, you're all i can see
I want to throw my heart overboard, and surrender to this drowning,
I wont fight against the great waters, your embrace is what rescues me.
I let go of what i thought, of what i once knew, i let go
I am a flower starting to bloom, the pure essence of love
Is all i know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this has not very much consistency.... Just needed to vent through writing. Let out whatever is surfacing within the ocean of my being. Namaste.

Wear Away at Mountain, but, Wait for Gift

Better Poems



Wear away at mountain.
Wait for gift.
Refresh meditation.
Intention trumps the moment's truth.                                                                                             

     All coins have 2 sides
     All birds have 2 wings

I am not here
Am but spear
Wielded by My Friend

I rebuffed Vitality
(It had drained my heart)
Now, share with me, Road
I am in need

I am not here
Yet need to dance this Road

     All coins have 2 sides
     All birds have 2 wings

Faith in things Unseen.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Taking stock of the themes I must try to braid together.

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