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A lasting pain

Today I gave you a flower

as I placed it on your grave

my tears fell silent one by one.

You are just a memory now

but I'll move on

with this lasting pain

that'll never fade.

But no matter how much time goes by

I will never forget you



Last night

I fell asleep

with crucified arms and 

wings on my back,

pretending I was dead.

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Eternal Leave in Advance

How can you be so egocentric?

Leaving me alone amid this cage, chaotic,

Forgetting the promise,

 Of breathing and closing the eyes together on the way to paradise.


You have taken a leave in advance,

And flown to a land of perpetual distance,

Must be remorseful seeing me in distress,

Don’t you worry I’ll be joining soon bringing back your happiness.


I am relieved since I know where you are,

Don’t feel lost, just wait as the space is not that far.  


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The Wanted

Since being together we hold each other hands
Each and every morning to be close and to show the world
What love means for us our unique love in the night between the moon

and the stars until the day when I woke up seeing
myself in a dark room sitting alone without any other prisoners

I stayed there for days until the officer came up to me and asked
me for information about you I was surprise by his questions  
 he told me that you were wanted and would hang to death
 but I couldn't  tell him anything he wanted  to know about you
 Because I was missing you and missing those unbelievable
 moments we shared  The officer starts asking more and more questions
but i kept quiet Thinking  of how to talk about you without feeling
 like Every second passing without you Is killing me I am worried
 About you are you in a safe place The officer got tired of asking me

questions and finally decided to but me back inside the lonely
dark room I asked him if I   could have paper and pen
 he abridged and As soon I got them I started writing
to you about my feelings for you and how much I miss you
in these condition and how much I am sorry if

I made you mad at me ever without paying any attention to you Days
are passing by like seconds on a clock and every time they take me to
 Be interrogated the officer would see my papers and burn them but

 not before beating me with them more than ever They just want
to capture You Because they told me You are to be put to death But
I kept saying to them That your name is inside my heart and
my heart is unbreakable they started beating me harder
 at the end the officer decided   to shoot me dead with his gun
because he was jealous the way I described my love to you

In those papers that i ask for and how I kept you safe in my heart the
Officer then shot himself with the same gun he shot me with
to close the case and set you free


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Messed It All Up


I messed it all up
I don't care if I'm right
I don't think I can fight
I wrecked them all up

I'm sorry for my sins
Forgive me for my deeds
I don't care if I live
At least I told you these

Please give me beam of light
I beg you on my knees
Just want to go home white
Swim on the purple seas

I'll wait for you all night
I'll buy you glass of wine
Just let me see the sunshine
In peace, I'll say goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"MESSED IT ALL UP" tells about being repentant and remoarseful about something you've done and you just want them to know that you've realized you're wrong.

Michelle Lynn Lemon

When the sun went down
I didn't hear a sound
I felt so broken
Not a word could be spoken
Nightmares came alive
I began to cry
Why, why?
Why did you have die?
I felt so undevoted
So wrecked and misspoken
I cannot move on
Now that your life is gone
I'm broken

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in class one day for my mother, I felt I had to tell someone so I read it to my English class and they told me that it's a really, really good poem. So in other words, I wrote a nice poem.

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"the poem I could not name"

It is funny how time stands still,
In the dead of night I hear you still.
You wisper my name,
And my eyes fill with tears, as I relive the pain.
I think about everyday your not here,
Is another day life don't seem real.
Do you hear me when I pour my heart out to you?
Do you have any idea how much I still miss you?
I don't understand how life goes on but there is still a part of my life that is still stuck in the past,
Back when life was so much easier, and when ever we has togeather we always had a blast.
But now I am stuck down here and your up there,
Life is so cruel and unfair.
You get to see my baby everyday,
The baby I have not seen since the day he went away.
Don't get me wrong Brandi I am glad you are there to take care of him,
But know one knows how much I miss him.
I like to think that is why you got called home so soon,
so you could be there to take care of houston when he got called home too.
I used to be sad that you would never have any kids of your own,
But know I know you are raiseing my little boy, until I came home.
I just wanted to let you know how much I love you from the bottem of my heart,
But I could never find the words to express how I fell,
this is just a start.

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