A Love Poem/ Forever After us

You make rainy beautiful, even when its pooring to drown, and you always take the morning from the sun, no matter how it paints the clouds. I want you forever, but i'll take what God will give, but i say forever, because i know i'll love you when your no longer here. To tell you how much i love you, id count the months and days just to tell you all the ways, a reason for every date. A Kiss for every second missed, a kiss for every tear that was shed, amd one before every parting, for life is a wilder. Ive seen to many unsaid goodbyes and unsaviory last words. So little words in that book, yet it wears the shelf so. But this, matter, time can't touch. I will love you forever after us.        

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Love Drunk/ Fuckin Faded

What do you see in me, because in you, i see everything i've ever wanted. But what is special about me, can you say, because i can tell you about magic. To you, what am i? Do i make you smile? When you think of me, do you stare for  awhile. Does time slow in my abscense? On what scale do i matter Love, do i out weigh the world or do i barely measure up to a dollar? Do you need it all or just my hand. Forgive me, im trying to understand. Im drunk off this love. i cant see stright. This love is all ive been feeling, so tell me love, am i sacred or treasured. I just want to know if im at the top of the mountain or on a cliff. I cant see stright. I cant see a thing, but i feel this.

fuckin faded

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What is it about you ?

What is it about you
I can't get you off my mind
Every thought is of you
Every dream has you in it
Every song is like my feelins
I don't know how to end it
My whole world revolves around you
Like you have a hold on my heart
And just won't let it go
How can I get my feelings to show
That I really want to be the one
And really do it right
I want to love you girl
With all my might
But I can't !!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just really into my feelings tonight. Let me know what you think !!

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Who i thought you were fades into the past
Like a sky i once painted
So blue.
I think about you all the time, ive gone mad
I can't stop this, I'm tainted
Its true.
All thats left in my hand is a few grains of sand,
But I am laying on the entire beach
Shoreline stretches to the endless horizon,
Endless opportunities i will never reach.
Oh, how I need you here to tell me it is possible!
I would drown swimming to the impossible,
If you would tell me it is possible.
I open up, like a flower,
be my sun, be my reason for laughter.
I dont want to be locked tight inside this bud, only seeing me,
I dont care to be safe. With this love like the ocean, you're all i can see
I want to throw my heart overboard, and surrender to this drowning,
I wont fight against the great waters, your embrace is what rescues me.
I let go of what i thought, of what i once knew, i let go
I am a flower starting to bloom, the pure essence of love
Is all i know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this has not very much consistency.... Just needed to vent through writing. Let out whatever is surfacing within the ocean of my being. Namaste.

Out There

I know you're out there
Somewhere in this big ole world
You've got a lot to offer
All my wants mixed up and swirled

I've got a heart to give
And all my love for you
I can't wait for the day I find ya
So we can share us a view

Of a field full of memories
And all the joy in our hearts
Touching, squeezing, loving
And all the other good parts

I dream of coming home to you
every day of my life
And finally when your all mine
I'll make you my wife

I don't have much to off
But I can promise you this
There will never be a day for you
Where you won't feel the touch of my kiss

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I fell under your spell
even though you had a boyfriend
I had a girlfriend
we found each others souls
touched each others hearts
we faced defeating feelings
For the blacking pasts
for a beter future of ours
Youve allways been there for me
allways trusted me with things
never told a lie to me
uv inspired me
to stop doing the things
that got me into trouble
Iv promised you
Ill keep that promise
and only that promise
there will be no more suffering
no more darkness
no more danger
as will people look at us
for doing what we have done
for leaving the ones we cared for
to be with each other
what will our friends think
what will our family think
im not worried about what they think
As long as i have you nothing can go bad

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this as my 1st poem for this person she will hopefully read it, and to let her kno i really do care for her

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All I See is Surface

A chill trickles down my spine
I look towards the sky
Dark clouds pass
On the surface
A empty hot driveway
Nothing surface
A shadow on the pavement
This woman
Delivers a tiny box
Just surface
A drop trickles off
This petal
It seeps into the departed
Deep, a land unknown
Extinct as we know it
Depth, Love, Devotion
I only see surface
Lily of love depth
White, Fragile, Beauty
A pure petal
That drop of clear
To the unknown
Devotion from surface
A land unknown

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The Mystery Thing

No laughing matter
Its here its not!
We all wait on this one thing
This thing that might never come.

But then
There it is
But will you know it when you see it
Or will you let it slip away

Is it going to hit you like a tone of bricks
Or slither by you like a snake
Its up to you
You have to see it
You have to know its for you
But will you!

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cali king bed remix

i could be your king
if only you would be my queen
you could rule over me/ these sheets/
everything in between
ya and
we wouldnt stop there/nah/ we'd expand the land you rule
no need for a jester/ cause for you ima fool
listen to me/ as i speal
damn girl for you im going head over heels

so here i am/ head on the ground
feet towards the sky
its like the laws of gravity dont even apply
and girl/ for you/ i'd give up a california king bed
to lie/ in a twin bed with you instead

if you were a lord
tell me/ could i be your peasant?
so i could/
slave away for you
and always make sure you were feeling pleasant

and i swear/ to always treat you like royalty
as long as you'd do the same and spoil me
i will be/ a safe haven for your heart
and i'll make sure/ it never again gets torn apart

so here i am/ head on the ground
feet towards the sky
its like the laws of gravity don't even apply
and girl/ i could stay with you and never move on
even if it meant getting our groove-on on a futon

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Brittany

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