Dear God,


It’s Billy, have you got a minute…I apologize for bothering you

with the entire universe to look after…

I imagine you have a lot to do


But have you checked in on the Earth lately…

perhaps from way up there it’s hard to tell

but I think if you look hard enough

you’ll see we’re not doing very well.


I know you must be happy with all the love down here

and that is a reason to celebrate…

but as happy as you are with all the love

you’ve got to be saddened by all the hate.


Which is why after church this morning 

I’m sending this prayer to you…

you see I’m afraid and confused and I’m worried

and I don’t know what else to do.


So God if you happen to have the time…

I wonder…could you to re-create….

a world that keeps the love that’s already here

but gets rid of all the hate?


I hope this isn’t too much to ask…

and I’m not even sure what kind of power you’ve got…

but if you could make this one prayer come true

it sure would mean a lot.


And if you make this dream come true…

in church will I never miss another Amen…

and I’ll make you this promise:

I’ll never bother you again!


Well I have to go now…

My mom says there are a lot of things I have to do…

And if you’re going to get rid of everyone’s hate

I imagine so do you.


Your friend,


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They built a wall to keep them apart

forgetting love will not be dismayed…

for despite the barriers set out to stop them

their 2 hearts found a way.

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He often asks himself how she did it…

what subtleties did she employ

to help him find his happiness

to help him discover his joy.

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I am in awe of silence…in her perplexity…

There is both a beauty and a mystery in her tranquility.


Have you ever sat in silence with someone you love…

or hoped a silent moment would never end?

For it’s in moments such as these when silence is your friend.


Have you ever stood hypnotized in the midst of a silent snow?

or watched clouds silently changing shape as they’ve drifted to and fro?


Have you ever felt the awkward silence that accompanies a first date?

or tiptoed through the silence when you arrived home a little late?


And there is a type of silence no one should never miss…

The silence one experiences…the moment before a kiss.


In the aftermath of a death, the ultimate silent tragedy,

have you ever felt the silence become your enemy?


Sadness arrives in silence, for there is a silent moment when...

you realize you will never see or hear or touch that person you loved…again.


And even though they may be gone…it matters not how many years

it is in the silence of our loneliness where we cry our deepest tears?


But silence doesn’t stay our enemy for long…she soon reminds us she’s our friend

for it is in the silence of our slumber…when our heart begins to mend.


And soon we’re comfortable again in silence…content because we know

it’s in the silence of the evening when trees begin to grow?


It’s in the silence of the morning that the flowers create their blooms

and the miracle of life begins in the silence of a mother’s womb.


So the next time you’re sitting quietly with the one you love

or on a silent stroll….

remind yourself where love begins…

in the silence of your soul.

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I was leafing through my mom’s old bible that’s sat on our shelf since she died

when two pieces of paper floated out and landed by my side


Two old photos I hadn’t seen before…photos I never knew she had…

Photos of two soldiers…one my mom and one my dad.


On the back of the two photos…five words in faded grey

written in each other’s hand…’you take my breath away”


Photos they must have given each other before war tore them apart

Photos that, while in their youth, showed the essence of their hearts. 


I imagine they kept these photos with them…to help see them through the war

I imagine they kept them near their hearts…like so many soldiers had before.


And when they returned home again…safe, secure…unharmed…

the pictures were not needed for they had each others arms…


So they found a final resting place- their job was now complete..

in a page in Mom’s old bible…until they landed at my feet…


Two photos from a time I didi not know them…when their love was new and strong

Two photos that…after reading them…I tucked back where they belong.


Perhaps it’s a bit egotistical of me…and certainly it’s wrong

but I never thought much about my parents lives before I came along…


But reading the back of those two photos…

from another time…

another day…

made me smile for a moment 

as they took my breath away.

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love him

do you think he loves me?
that would require me to be lovable
past experiences indicate the probability is no
yet the past doesn’t mean the future owes us anything
so love him

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I asked an artist about love…she smiled then answered most colorfully:

When my heart is loved…and loves another…I find perfect symmetry.


I asked a musician the same question…he sang his answer out to me:

When my heart is loved…and loves another…I find perfect harmony.


A writer said, as she was about to pen some prose…or was it poetry?

When my heart is loved…and loves another…the words flow naturally.


A philosopher told me when I asked if he knew where love could be found.

When my heart is loved…and loves another…I see it all around.


And they were right, for those times in my life I thought I was on my own

when my heart was loved…and loved another…I never felt alone.


And when I thought I didn’t have enough and wished I could have more

I realized:

When my heart is loved…and loves another…I never will be poor.


Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here…one we all should heed:

When our heart is loved and loves another…we have everything we need.


It’s in our paintings…in our music…in our prose…and in our poetry…

handed down by artists, musicians, writers, philosophers…

and today…with a little push from me.

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I thought I could count my sins on one hand,

telling God I'm getting better, but I'm coogi sweater chilling in someone daughter bed. "Wake up shes here" shit, she pulling on my leg. When she want it, she need it, fuck it, we all greedy, her girlfriend dont even fuck her mind, and she love me because I always keep her wondering how. She never leaves my side because she know it's Bonnie and Clyde, I'm always down to ride. I'm getting better, I tell myself, God you sent me between them, I'm there to help. She texting me she want me, I'm trying not to want her too. But I hear her say it as I read it and I know it's true. And I want her to touch me in a way she's never even touched herself. Her mind melting in-between my legs, no consciousness but all head. When she done ill pick her head up by her chin.. 'I'm getting better'. And she'll kiss me cause she knows its true. She know I'm better right here and she is too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks Geesus

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I was in the room when Grandpa died although I couldn’t hear

his final words to Grandma…when he whispered in her ear.


I was too far away and her voice too soft and low

for me to hear what she whispered back…before she let him go.


But once the flood of sadness receded into a slow and steady stream

I asked her what they whispered that day…and immediately she beamed.


“Have I ever told you how I met your Grandpa? She asked.

She smiled, “Then let me now explain….

I was walking home from school one day and it began to rain."


Your Grandpa, grabbed my hand and said, ‘Come with me’.

And we waited out the rain under the shelter of a tree.


The first date we ever had was out to eat and a walk along the beach when

in the middle of our walk it began to rain…again.


There was something about the rain for us…something magical and pure

We couldn’t resist it’s beauty, it’s enchantment…it’s allure. 


He asked me to marry him out in a downpour…

at first I thought he was insane..

‘I was waiting for the right moment,’ he said,

‘I was waiting for the rain'.


And then my grandma smiled and I could feel the love her smile contained…

The last words your grandpa whispered…he said…’I will miss the rain’.


And as he took his final breath and I knew his life was through…

I squeezed his hand and whispered back…I will miss it too.”


Now every time we visit Grandma…my family thinks I’m insane

when I look up at the sky and say…

“I hope we get some rain”.

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