She loves to walk in sunflowers…surrounded by the mountains and the trees

Where stretching out in all directions…sunflowers are all you see.


She loves to touch the baby sunflowers…still developing…still quite small

And stand dwarfed by the adults…the ones over six feet tall.


She thinks there are more to sunflowers than our eyes will let us see.

She thinks perhaps her sunflowers are more like you and me.


“What if,” she asks, “when two sunflowers looking across an open field

What if the love that’s housed within their stem, when their eyes meet, is revealed?”


“We know sunflowers move.” she says. “because they all turn toward the sun.

So isn’t it possible if they want to be together…sunflowers might also run?


“Run…veiled by the dark of night…no matter what the weather…

Run into each other’s arms…just to be together.”


“Look how some of them are hugging.” She says, making her point with ease.

“Look how many of them are smiling as they dance together on the breeze.”


“And tell me you can’t feel it….their happiness…their bliss…

When you’re lucky enough…when you get the chance…to see two sunflowers kiss.”


“It’s a feeling”, she says, “I wish I could bestow on every girl and boy…

How when you walk among the sunflowers…you can’t help but share their joy.”


We have different reasons for loving a walk in sunflowers…

she…for the emotions that they stir

My reasons is a little more selfish…


I love walking in them…with her.


She looked at him and smiled…while he embraced her as they sat.

“I love your arms she she whispered…have I ever told you that?”


“I like to think I am enchanting.,” he kidded… “that I am filled with grace and charm.

but I have to ask,” as he looked at them… “what’s so special about my arms.?”


“They are hairy, they swing when I walk, 

most of the time they just hang down by my side…”

She smiled as she massaged them… “They do much more than that.” she sighed…


“These arms hold me when I laugh…they hold me when I cry.

sometimes I’ve felt like they were wings…and when I’m in them we can fly.”


“These arms have embraced the joys in my life…and on the other hand

at moments I’ve been sad…these arms seem to understand.”


“When you put these arms around me it immediately soothes my heart…

I can’t count the times they’ve held me together…

the times they’ve kept me from falling apart.”


“I don’t know what I’d do without these arms.” she said…

“For wherever the two of us roam…

whenever I am in these arms…

I know that I am home.”


He looked at her and smiled…

“No, you’ve never mentioned that…” 

and then…

He asked as he embraced her… 


“Could you tell me why…again?”

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Her daughter loved visiting the older couple who lived next door

but after the lady’s husband died the daughter said, “I don’t want to visit her anymore.”


“She’s so sad every time I see her…and she still talks to her husband too.

It makes me a little uncomfortable…I don’t know what to do.”


Her mom said, “I understand your feelings but surely you have to see

now that her husband is gone…how lonely she must be.”


“But what can I do to help her?” she asked…”She’s acting awful strange.

It’s not the same when I visit now…everything has changed.”


Her mom looked into her eyes then patter her on her head.

“I think the best thing you can do…is just be her friend.” she said.


“Let her be sad, let her cry, let her be somber. let her be grim…

Remember she lost someone she loved…and she wasn’t done loving him.”


“I imagine right now she needs a friend…who quietly by her side will stay

and listen…just listen…until her sorrow fades away.”


And so the daughter followed her mom’s suggestion…

and though she’s not sure exactly when

slowly she noticed her friend began to smile again.


She began talking about other things…found other reasons to be glad…

until the day thoughts of her husband…no longer made her sad.


And the daughter learned a valuable lesson…

about how one doesn’t always have to intercede….

sometimes just knowing a friend is near 


is all a person needs.

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As your children, Moms and Dads, we’d like for you to know

we’re glad you were around to help us all to grow.


You understood that our time as children is short…how it only lasts a little while

In that time you taught us how to be happy…you taught us how to smile.


You showed us that we mattered…we think that is the key

You loved us for who we are…not for who you wanted us to be.


You understood how to be a parent…how we were your priority

You knew your jobs were important…but also…so were we


You knew we were your children…not distractions you could shirk

In fact…you showed us every day we were your most important work.


You taught us to be accepting and kind…so when our childhood ends

We would be good people…good husbands, wives and friends.


Here are two things we’d like to tell you…two things we hope you never forget

The first…we will always be your children no matter how old we get.


The second is just a little something we shall forever be counting on…

always send us a goodnight kiss…even when we’re gone. 


And now that our childhood is ending…(like we said it only lasts a little while)

we want to thank you for giving us the kind of childhood we can look back on and smile.


Thank you for loving us every day…like you did the day we came


and making it so easy…for us to do the same.

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She paused after looking in the mirror, asking,

“When did I get so old?”

He smiled.

“Every day you’re more alluring, more beautiful.” He consoled.


“No, look at all these wrinkles.” she said

“I’m not that same girl you first met.”

He smiled.

“I shall always be your Romeo…and you…my Juliet.”


“But I was much prettier when I was younger!”

Her voice was strained…distraught.

He smiled,

“You shall always be my Guinevere…and I...your Lancelot.”


“You will always be a work of art and I a connoisseur.”

He smiled and touched her cheek.

“For age may mute the beauty of a painting but that beauty still endures.”


“That is the beauty of love”, he said…

“for when love is in your eyes…”

He smiled

“You will always see the beauty…


age endeavors to disguise.”

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They each approached their God in their own way…

some stood, some knelt…most of them bowed their heads…

“I come to you with a problem…I need your help!” they said.


Then as their Gods listened from their heavens or from atop their mountain peak

simultaneously from here on Earth each person began to speak…


From all corners of the planet…their appeals were the same

“There is so much hate in the world,” they said…

and they were quick to place the blame…


(Here is where each person’s story gets a little odd)

for they put the blame not on themselves…

but on the other people and their Gods.


Each God listened intently from their place up in the sky

and after a moment or two of silence…each God began to cry.


“You have forgotten why you were put here.” Each God answered, 

“I find it so bizarre…that you have forgotten your reason for living

you have forgotten who you are.”


“This is not a problem for me.” Each God continued.

“You know what you need to do…

or have you forgotten the power to fix this…

lies not with me…but you?”


“You speak to us of hate!,” 

this was spoken in one combined voice booming from above…

“Come back to us,” the voice continued, 


“when you can speak of love.”

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They were sitting across from one another

the room had been quiet for a while

when he glanced at her…she glanced back

and they silently shared a smile.


As her eyes returned to what she was doing

he thought.. what a wonderful surprise

for in the silence of that moment

we said I love you with our eyes.


And it made him wonder in all the moments they shared together

all the hours, all the years

all the times they’d touched, or whispered to one another

all their hugs and smiles and tears….


How many times have they said I Love You 

since they met all those years ago?

How many times have they said I Love You?

He had to admit…he didn’t know.


And he thought about their children and grandchildren

their family and their friends

when he adds all the times he’s said I Love You

it’s a number that never ends.


He tried to calculate that number…

but he couldn’t come up with an amount

It seems, in the the living of his lifetime

he’d long ago lost count 


Their eyes met again…again she smiled

and as he felt his heart rate climb

he realized the key is not how many times it was said before 


it’s being able to say it…one more time.

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Broken Pieces



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The Pleasures Of Sin

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