No matter what happens in his life…he never speaks of pain

Instead he finds treasures in his troubles and pleasures in the rain.


When asked how he endures his suffering…how so easily he copes  

he answers that he only thinks of love…of happiness and hope.


He thinks of life as an adventure and all the beauty there is to see…

He finds his peace in the kindness of his friends…in the warmth of his family.


He looks at all the beauty in the world…he finds his inspiration in the turtle dove…

for he knows if he’s to thrive in life…he must fill his heart with love.


He says he’s much too busy…to ever speak of pain…

too busy finding treasures in his troubles and pleasures in the rain.


To busy finding inspiration in the flight of the turtle dove...

too busy filling his heart with hope…with happiness and love.


For he knows outward beauty is fleeting…that one day it will depart


and he knows the only lasting beauty…is the beauty in his heart…


He did not understand his daughter…he had not intended to be cruel

It’s just…when she told him she was gay…well…

He was from a different time…a different school.   


He prayed to his God, he attended church…he even sang their hymns…

But he still could not wrap his head around what she was telling him.


His first reaction was anger…he said things she couldn’t forget…

Nasty, hurtful, unkind things…he later would regret.


You see all his daughter wanted was his love…

a love that he denied

and in her grief and sorrow…she committed suicide.


It was only after she was gone…when his heart began to break

that he realized he had been wrong…that he’d made a huge mistake.


That his daughter was his daughter…wether straight or bi or gay

and he should have showed her that he loved her each and every day.


Ye,s he realized her life was special…the life he helped create…

He realized she was wonderful the way she was…

just a little bit too late.


Now he tells the world their story…hoping love will conquer hate….

Hoping other parents hear his cries…and for them...it’s not too late.


And I wonder…in a world that’s filled with anger…with bigotry and hate…


How many need to learn this lesson…before it is too late?

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She never thought she was beautiful…although she hoped to be…some day…

and then she met a person…who made her feel that way.


Who loves nothing more than to sit together and hold her hand in his.

Who tells her every day…how beautiful she is.


And her self doubt and uncertainty slowly faded away

as she started to feel beautiful…a little more…each day.


And the world around her became more beautiful…and everything seemed blessed

once love helped her discover the beauty she possessed.


As they sat together one day…he whispered in her ear

how everything in life is more beautiful…

more beautiful with her here. 


And she thought how magical is love…

as she placed her hand in his…

for helping her discover

how beautiful she is.



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Some people say there are no simple love stories…

and plainly they have stated…

if it’s simple it must not be love

for love is complicated…


They sight example after example

and believe this with all certainty!

But there are others who look at love 

and beg to disagree.


For them, love is simple..

It’s when they realize they’re no longer alone…

and when someone else’s happiness

is more important than their own…


For they know love is easy

and plainly have they stated

the best love is a simple love

and need not be complicated…


For they have known love in their lives

and by love they have been blessed…

and they know the simplest love stories

are usually the best.


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Zero to 500 instantly 

The immediate urge to both stay and flea
A crawling sensation creeping from the heart to all parts of me. 
A dire feeling of urgency 
A screaming of insecurity 
Too much false comfort and nurturing
Ignorance of reality. 
I want to run and I want to stay 
Bundled up in covers of dependency 
A sickness keeps burning holes in me
And I am slowly forgetting how to breathe. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written after waking up in a state of anxiety related to love and human relationships. 


He did not talk about his feelings

instead…he hid them all away

and when she pleaded with him to talk to her

“It’s not what I do!” he’d say.


“But that is what lovers do!”

“They talk to one another.” she would say.

Yet, he would never listen…

til one day…

she went away.


Leaving him to ponder

as he sits alone today…

why the ones who are closest to us


should not be kept farthest away.

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The day I was born I noticed it…

how you sheltered me from harm…

Why, I even fell asleep…

in the comfort of your arms…


For when you put your arms around me and hugged me to her chest.

I felt warm…I felt love…I felt safe, 

I felt secure…and blessed.


Blessed to be with someone whom I already know

will make me feel this way…wherever I may go…


Blessed to know wherever I may go in life…your arms will always reach me

Blessed to know you, Grandma,…have so much you will teach me.


You’ll teach me about love and kindness…compassion…and integrity

You’ll teach me about strength and beauty…and generosity…


For you know the secret of Grandmahood 

(and perhaps to life as well)…

A secret all you Grandmas know but often do not tell…


I’m not sure where you learned it

How it became the Grandma’s creeds…

To always give more than you can give…

and take less than you may need.


But means whenever we’re together

love will fill the air

and every time I climb into my your arms…


I’ll find some comfort there.


It’s a little quieter than yesterday as the sun is rising and a new day dawns…

The family vacation is over…the cabin is empty…everyone’s gone.


So Deborah and I decide to take a little walk…together hand in hand

thinking about our vacation and trying to understand…


about one of the wonderful components of love…how easily it abounds!

for even after everyone’s gone…we feel it all around.


We can still see the children playing…see them running up and down the stairs…

We can see the family seated around the table…we can hear their laughter in the air.


We can see all the things we did together…on a loop inside our heads

In some ways it’s like they never left…but are here with us instead…


Yes, another wonderful component of love…is how it reaches out so far…

and keeps you connected to a person…no matter where they are.


So as Deborah and I walk together

a little saddened at how fast the time has flown…

we know when we’re surrounded by so much love…

we will never be alone….


And I wonder if that’s why we hold onto one another 

and walk a little slower as we get older…

Because we savor the walk a little more…


knowing all the love that’s on our shoulders. 

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I was brought up to believe in heaven. 

It’s where you go after you die.

It’s a place of beauty high in the clouds

where everyone’s happy and angels fly…


But as I’ve grown older I’ve come to believe

while life is not filled with mirth

If we look for them we will discover

little pieces of heaven right hear on Earth.


You are surrounded by wondrous beauty

and you suddenly become aware

there is music floating on the wind

and laughter in the air.


You look around and see your family and friends

And you smile as you say…

I think I know what heaven is like

right hear…on Earth…today.


It’s like the Universe has chosen you

has opened up a door…

and once you discover one piece of heaven

you start to look for more.


And you find them, yes you find them!

on a mountain, in a lake, by the side of a babbling brook…

In fact you start to find them…everywhere you look.


And you realize despite what you’ve been taught

despite what you thought was true…

that heaven is not just somewhere you go when you die

it’s a place inside of you.


A place that allows you to discover in each moment

an awakening…a rebirth

and find in your family…

Sliding down a 60 foot rock…

or floating together in a lake

or watching a sunset on a mountaintop…


a little piece of heaven right here on Earth.

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