If you’re lucky enough to fall in love…to have love enter your life…

from your parents, your friends your relatives, your partner or your wife…


Once you have been blessed …and that seed of love is planted

you cherish every moment……you take not a thing for granted.


For over the years there is a truth…a lesson about love that you’ve learned:

how it feels wonderful it when you give it…and even more wonderful when it’s returned..


And you truly believe that this feeling will forever be extending

never giving a thought that your love story has an ending.


You get so involved in love

in its mystery, its excitement and it’s laughter

that you think the only way your fairy tale will end

is happily ever after.


But when someone you love stops loving you

when they say they’ve had enough

or when a loved one dies…or for whatever the reason

the road turns from smooth…to rough


you find yourself crying and moaning

and you hope 

and you wish 

and you pray…

because in your heart you know that fairy tales

aren’t supposed to end this way.


Then somehow with the help of your friends,

your siblings, your father and your mother

you discover the end of one fairy tale 

can be the beginning of another.


So you jump on your white horse

and with your injured soul

and your heart in need of mending

you turn to the next page of your Fairy Tale…


in search of your happy ending.


The older we get we realize…

although we have the same amount of time each day

it is hard to get together with people we love…

as so many ‘things’ get in our way.


When it comes to our nephew and his wife…

this was a trend we wanted to defy.

The solution it turned out was quite simple…

our mutual admiration…for pie


So we made a date…a chance to meet…

to look each other in the eye

to talk about our lives 

our adventures

and to do this over a slice of pie.


And we did…

we met…

we talked like we always do…

we shared a laugh…

a cry 

and the conversation went down smoothly…

just like that slice of pie.


As we talked…as we reconnected…

how quickly time flew by…

and before we knew it we had finished…

our conversation…

and our pie


And I thought how wonderful it was to meet this way

as we hugged and said goodbye

and how easy it is to share the beauty of life

over a slice of pie


We decided to do this again and soon as possible

(not to oversimplify)

because we know time spent together with those we love


is about much more than the pie.

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He can’t explain it logically

but once he found her…

the person he adored

his heart felt like it grew…

larger than it had ever been before.


And when she died

when she was finally gone…

never more to be

he wondered if what he felt 

was his heart breaking

or simply 


returning to the size it used to be

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We attended a retirement party or a friend who won’t be teaching anymore.

He’s been teaching at the same school…since 1984.


We sat in the back and watched the people sharing laughter…sharing tears

with the man who has been changing lives for the last 35 years.


I watched him hug one person after another…I watched as other hands he clutched

and I thought here is a room full of people whose lives this man has touched..


I have no proof to back this up…but in my heart I believe it’s true

whenever a person touches your heart…a piece of that person stays with you.


When compassion, generosity and kindness between two people are exchanged

though they may not realize it at the time…both of them are changed.


And as I looked around the room…and listened to what was said…

I realized in its simplest form…this is how love is spread..


One drop in the ocean might not seem like much…but in reality

that one drop, that simple drop…can find it’s way across the sea…


I’m not sure how far his drops have traveled…how far his drops have roamed

but as I watched him at his retirement party…they found their way back home.


They returned to him in a smile, 

in a hug, 

in a poem

in the many ways he was caressed….

And as I watched countless people celebrate this one man 

I thought…


We all should be so blessed.

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How do we explain love…should we even try?

It’s a complicated intermingling of our hearts our brains…our eyes…


I suppose the best definition…when all is said and done

is that love is a universal feeling that’s universally different for everyone.


Which reminds me of my first year of teaching…over 40 years ago

I wanted two teach my Autistic students about humor…I wanted to help them grow.


I thought, ‘who better to teach them?’…after all I am a funny guy.

They would be learning from the master…how the principles of humor apply.


On an easel in front of me was a comic strip from the newspaper…

In front of each student was the same.

My goal was to explain the humor…while going frame to frame.


It seems humor when explained this way is not an easy concept to see…

In the investigation…in the analysis…It loses it’s spontaneity 


Not one chuckled…no one laughed…

my students had no sense of humor as far as I could tell

that is until they erupted with laughter…when I tripped on the easel…and fell.


My students showed no comprehension of humor…

not even the littlest giggle sound

Until they heard my high pitched scream…and I was face down on the ground…


There are two possibilities why this experiment failed:

The first…perhaps humor cannot be taught

The second, and my money’s on the first one here, 

I’m not as funny as I thought.


Or perhaps there are some things in life we’re not meant to fully understand

That are designed to make us wonder…to be mysterious…and grand


Which brings me back to explaining love…

Perhaps the best explanation of all

Is that love is a lot like humor

And the best way to experience it…


is when you fall.

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As they grew old together he wondered:

How many moments have they shared in all their years?

How many times have they said, “I love you.”

How many smiles?

How many tears?


How many whispers?

How many kisses?

How many walks along a stream?

How many hugs?

How many wishes?

Who many hopes and dreams?


How many Christmas’s

How many summer vacations?

How many drops of morning dew…

How many family dinners?

How many children and grandchildren too?


As he attempted to count the moments

and set them them all to rhyme…

he thought…

perhaps this is what love is…


Losing track of how many times.

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He tells her often of her beauty

how she is his sunrise …and sunset

He tells her often of her beauty


because…she has a tendency to forget

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Rod Wave

Im never gonna doubt myself again,

Running blind ignoring my intuition,

I really convinced myself you would changed,

I ain't speak to you in three weeks,

Thought you'd give up the games,

But you still the same,

Still treat me like I'm second best,

when you know deep down I'm better than the rest,

I sit in this red chair, waiting for you to give me air,

Feeling like I can't breathe without you here,

But you leave me hanging, 

The same way you did when we were dating,

I know you seen my message,

You always got your phone,

You also been on Facebook 7 times since I sent it so I know,

You give your heart to these ungreatful bitches,

They take your energy and then they spend it, 

On another nigga or whatever TF they do with it,

All I know is they don't repay you for all the feelings,

you gave them, they never repay them,

Them long nights up waiting,

When will all this love and work I put in get repayed man,

All the lies and all the fake I love yous,

You really only loved yourself,

I promised I was gonna put myself first,

But I ended up still chasing you, while you chased someone else.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fuck love.


Yesterday on the news I saw people fighting across the sea…

and as I witnessed hate in our own country this thought occurred to me…


That when it comes to the news…photographed up close or from high above

we are shown a lot of hate…and not a lot of love.


Oh, occasionally there are happy stories we are meant to comprehend

but these are not the first we hear…they’re usually thrown in at the end.


So I was pleasantly surprised yesterday by a story that reminded me who we are

It showed a father singing to his baby who was prone his guitar.


This father sang a lullaby…his baby listened without making a peep

and slowly as the father sang his baby drifted off to sleep.


And when the song was over…a happy tear was shed 

as the father leaned down gently and kissed his baby on his head.


It was nice to see and hear a story that brought a joyous tear…a smile

and made me forget about all the bad news…

if only for a while.


I know there’s bad news all around…we cannot hide our eyes

every day there is fighting, war, destruction…every day the people cry.


But it seems to me amidst these stories…which come in colors black and blue

we should be looking harder to find the love that’s out there too.


I pray for day there is less bad news…

I pray to the heavens and the stars…

for the day we have less stories about hate…


and more babies on guitars.

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