He followed the same routine…the same ritual every night

A goodnight kiss 

an ‘I love you’ 

then a thank you before turning off the light.


In the morning…the same routine he followed in the night

a good morning kiss, 

an I love you 

then a thank you after turning on the light.


One day she asked him, “The way you say good night and good morning is something I adore

I understand the kiss 

and the I love you…

but what are you thanking me for?”


His cheeks began to redden and a smile crossed his face

then he took her hand in his with a kind of elegance and grace.


In the evening I am thankful for another day to look back on with you

and in the morning I am thankful for another day to look forward to.


Now it was her turn to smile as she became aware

from that moment on in their marriage it’s a routine they would share.

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Patience, Strength, Vanquish


It is not a day goes by we seek to the stars,

During these dark days,

And we ask ourselves…


Is this the end?

Is this what we failed for?

Is this death?

Is this where life leads us?


Will we prevail?

Will we conquer?

Will we rise for a new beginning?


We see determination,

We have a purpose,

We shall have assurance,

We Hope!


We hope for a new beginning,

We hope for a new start,

We hope to conquer,

We hope all will be fine!


But will it cease?

Will we suffer again?

Will this ever end?


Only time will test us,

Only time will tell us,

Only time shall we win.


Our Friends,

Our Families,

Our Coworkers,

Our Neighbors,



We suffer,

We hope,

We survive,

We win!


We shall win this battle!

We shall conquer!

We shall rule!


Mother Nature will flourish through our breath,

Parties will regain once again,

Music will be played on the streets,

Sports will smear mud on our knees,

Campgrounds will be cooking,

Arts will bring life,

Honking will blast in our ears,

Economies will soar,

Countries will unite,

Humans will be a whole again!


Shall this virus die as time passes?

Although it will be a never-ending battle,

But at the end, we hope for the best of everyone that it shall not return for a long time!


We will Win!

We will Conquer!

We will Unite!

We will Hope!

We will Endure!


We will remember those that past!

We will remember those that won!

We will remember those that helped!

We will remember First Responders!

We will remember Doctors!

We will remember Nurses!

We will remember Essential Employees!

We will remember Families!

We will remember Friends!

We will remember Everyone!

We will remember Unity!

We will remember Heroes!


We are all United for a better tomorrow!


We Will Win!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

In rememberence, those who are fighting the front lines, patients, loved ones, etc during these dark days.


I’ve had many friends in my life who were older…who turned grey

We haven’t always seen eye to eye…but we love each other anyway.


I’ve had many friends in my life…who have different ways tor pray

Their God has not always been my God…but we love each other anyway.


I’ve had many friends in my life…who are lesbian…or gay

Who don’t love the way that I love…but we love each other anyway.


I’ve had many friends….I don’t always understand every word they say

and others who’s skin color is not my skin color…but we love each other anyway.


I’ve reached the point in my life where I’m the old one who’s turned grey

and I wonder how, 

over the years

despite our differences, 

we’ve all loved each other anyway…


Could it be that love looks beyonds our differences

beyond what asymmetry tears some of us apart

and instead has found a way to look straight into our hearts…


Perhaps love knows when we look beyond our different faiths, 

our different colors,

our different preferences…

our different names

When we see inside another person


all hearts look the same.

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A walk along the beach…with someone whom I love

is just one of the many things I will never tire of


I’ll never tire watching the waves as they paint their watercolor patterns on the land,

the taste of salt upon my lips 

or making footprints in the sand.


I’ll never tire of the wind…

how it quickly changes from a bluster to a gentle breeze 

as it scampers across the sand 

and exits through the trees.


I’ll never tire of searching for that unique shell 

one I’ve never seen before

or wondering how all these shells have found their way onto this shore.


I’ll never tire of the clouds and sky and the grandeur of the view

of how the white sands of the beach blend with the ocean and sky blue


There is a simple beauty here

It is soothing



It always amazes me when waking on the beach

how wonderful I feel.


and how blessed I am to be sharing this walk 

with someone I love…

perhaps the most important thing…


I will never tire of…

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The night he held me in his arms my heart had finally found its home

I could feel the love he had for me with just a simple kiss

All my worries and fears had simply vanished as he pulled me closer

In all my life I never felt more loved than I did at that moment

I felt like a princess in his presence and he was my prince.

All my dreams were coming true for once.

I felt a happiness I had never experienced.

I could tell by his smile and his laughter he felt the same.

We were two lonely hearts beating as one that night.

Then the day came and we had to part ways.

The world seemed uglier and colder than it had been.

My arms feel so empty without him and my heart is broken because my love isn’t with me.

I will go through this life aching till the day I am back in his arms feeling safe.

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His heart jumped when he saw her sitting there

so he thought he’d take a chance

he walked over, touched her hand and asked,

“Would you care to dance?”


Her heart jumped when his hand touched hers

so she thought she’d take a chance

she smiled, stood up and whispered,

“Why yes, I’d love to dance.”


Something passed between them on that dance floor

when they looked into each other’s eyes…

as they danced the night together

They’re not sure how…or why…


Their children, grand and great grand children love to hear the story

It’s one they’ll never forget

of the day their family was created

the day when they first met.


We all knew her heart was failing

knew she could no longer stand

when he shuffled over to her bed and gently took her hand.


“My heart still jumps when I see you.” He said,

“So I thought I’d take a chance.

Pardon me, young lady…but would you care to dance?”


I’m sure her heart was jumping when she said,

“Why yes, I’d love to dance.”

And when we saw her struggling to get up

we thought we’d take a chance.


You see it was they who taught us all about love

about devotion…about romance

and so we lifted her into his waiting arms

and stood near…as they danced.


We were not there the day they met

to see them dancing in each other’s eyes

But we felt blessed to be their for their last dance


on the night they said goodbye.

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“Grandpa how do you know if you love someone?”

his granddaughter asked in a whisper soft and low


“That’s a hard question to answer,” her grandpa said,

"because in most cases you just know”.


“It starts with a feeling in your heart

which finds its way into your brain

and you begin to feel joy when that person feels joy

and pain when they feel pain.”


“And whenever you think about that person

wether they’re standing next to you…or from afar…

you cannot help but smile 

because you know how lucky you are.”


And don’t you ever worry 

when you feel love…you’ll know

and the minute that it grabs you

you’ll never want to let it go.”


"Do you understand?” her Grandpa asked.

his granddaughter smiled, “I do.”

Then she put her arms around his neck and said,

“Grandpa…I love you”.


Then she whispered in her Grandpa’s ear

another whisper soft and low

“Grandpa if it’s okay with you…

I never want to let you go.”

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Lately…here in our own country…it has occurred to me 

no matter where I look…hate is everywhere I see…


It’s nothing new…for hating others has been part of our history

ask Native Americans, 





the L..G..B..and T.


To show you how easy it is for hate to take hold…

to succeed…to triumph…to win

The moment I say I hate all the haters…

Is the moment I let hate in.


But don’t be fooled by all the hate…for as we ride this carousel

as we travel up and down and round and round…there is much love…as well.


If we can look past all the hate (it’s not easy…I understand)

We will see people reaching out, hugging, kissing…holding hands.


We see random acts of kindness…acts of affection and generosity

We see a diverse amount of people embracing diversity.


So when you start to believe that love is dead…and you begin to mourn

Remember: “I Love You” are the first words spoken…when a baby has been born.


Then think of all the times you say “I Love You” every day

and why do you surmise

are “I Love You” the last words uttered before a person dies?


We begin and end our life with “I Love You” which only proves once more

that hate may win its share of battles…


but love will win the war.

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Sometimes I sit and wonder: 

Would our world be on a better path

if in elementary school we paid more attention

to the lessons we learned in math.


I imagine back then we didn’t understand

how those lessons would relate

as we grew a little older…

in terms of love and hate.


Even now I have to wonder:

What is your reaction

when I tell you love and hate comes down 

to simple addition and subtraction?


I draw your attention to those math lessons…

the ones about basic facts…

Love as a plus…adds to the world

Hate, as a minus…subtracts.


And if I may extend a moment

this mathematical vision

When it comes to love and hate we can’t leave out

multiplication…and division.


Hate divides us, it tears us apart…

it makes the world smaller in shape and size

Love brings us together and with our help…

it multiplies.


I wonder if the world shouldn’t go back to school

perhaps that would help us all to see…

until we improve in our basic facts


we are only a fraction of what we can be.

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