“I love you Mommy!” said the young boy as he climbed upon her knee

which brought his mother endless joy as she held him tenderly.


She decided as he she held him near to give her son a little quiz

So she gently whispered in his ear…can you tell me what love is? 


“What is love?” he shrugged

“I think it’s a lot of things.

It’s all those times that we have hugged.

It’s the lullabies you sing.”


“It’s like how when I’m with you,” he said

everything feels right…

Like how when you tuck me into bed

you kiss my head goodnight.”


“It’s like how you know just the right words to say…

how I never have to ask you why

you hold me in a different way

when I laugh or when I cry.”


“I guess in some ways love is a prize

we give each other every day.”

Then he looked into his Mother’s eyes and asked

“Did I answer it OK?”


“Did you answer it OK?” she smiled,

as tears her vision blurred…

“When it comes TO a definition of love my child,

that’s the best one I’ve ever heard.”

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Their eyes met but for a moment 

only lingered on each other a short while

but it was enough for him to capture forever….


the memory of her smile.

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He said, “Hey Mom I wish I had a super power!”

His mom said…”But you do!

of all the people in this world


no one else…is you!”

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It’s funny what we remember about people…

the little things that stick inside our head…

today I am remembering

something she always said. 


You knew there was something special about her

from the moment she would meet you…

There was this wonderful kind of elegance

in the way that she would greet you


And every time thereafter

she would greet you the same way…

She’d make you feel unique…exceptional

when ‘Hello, my darling’…she would say


‘Hello, my darling’ 

it was a simple message…

genuine and clear 

‘Hello, my darling’ 

three little words 

that became music to our ears.


Because when she said ‘Hello, my darling’

we knew she meant every word she said

which is why ‘Hello, my darling’

still echoes inside our heads…


She’s not hear to greet us anymore

to help us start our day

but one of the gifts of memory

is how we hear ‘Hello, my darling’ anyway…


‘Hello, my darling’ will always bring a smile to our faces

and tears into our eyes…

What we wouldn’t give for one more ‘Hello, my darling’


now that she’s said her last goodbye.

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She was always giving

always accepting, 

always compassionate 

and kind.

She was love 

and sympathy 

and caring 

and charity 



Whenever we would thank her

she would hold us close 

and she would whisper in our ear…

Isn’t that the reason dear…


the reason we’re all here?


When we’re lucky enough to find those we love in life

those who’ve helped us on our climb…

we never run out of love for them…


we only run out of time.

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He often wonders when the line separating their hearts 

became so delicate…

so thin

that he can’t tell where her heart ends


and where his heart begins?

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They never regretted their decision to marry…

there never was a doubt…

for they found someone easy to live with


whom they could not live without.

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There are many things we’ll never understand about love…

many secrets we’ll never find…

like how whenever love is shared there’s always a little left behind…


It lingers on the ground…It drifts upon the air

perhaps that’s why we’re fond of saying…love is everywhere.


Why not stop and take a moment this season

and think of the compassion it took to design love…

then look around your life…and see if you can find love….


For one of the wonders of love……is how easy it is to see….

It’s in your wife, your children, your grandchildren…

your friends and family


It’s in smiles, it’s in laughter…you’ll find that it appears

In a baby’s eyes, a tender touch…it’s even in some tears…


It’s in a hug…a kiss, a look…it’s universal across all lands

It’s in the gentle way we touch……the way we hold each other’s hands…


Why you can find it anywhere…if you look…if you believe

It’s waiting in the flowers…It’s reflected on the leaves…


This was just to get you started…

I’ve only named a few…

The remaining verses in the poem…

well…I’ll leave that up to you…


Up to you to find them

in their different sizes, shapes and kinds…

Up to you to discover all those little pieces


love has left behind..

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