Love is a beautiful thing…

Love…that’s what we in English say…

In Italian and in Spanish…they pronounce it amore.


In Czechoslovakian it’s pronounced Lazka…in French it is L’amor

No matter where you come from…love’s a word we all adore….


In sign language it is said with the hands…and it may come as no surprise

It often goes unspoken…when we say it with our eyes.


Yes, love is a beautiful word…in any language it has a beautiful ring…

and whenever we’re lucky enough to hear it…or see it…

We know…


Love…is a beautiful thing

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She was on the kitchen floor with her daughter….loving a moment like this…

for it gave her the chance to remember…a chance to reminisce


This reminds me of your Grandma she said…whose memories fill this space.

(Why is it I can’t think of her without a smile on my face?)


I remember when we baked together…I remember all those cookies I devoured

And I also remember the first time we made footprints in the flour.


It was our first time baking cookies…I was unsure which way to turn

When your Grandma smiled and told me, “Don’t worry, you will learn.”


And I will teach you how to bake cookies…cakes and pies and more…

but when she handed me the flour…I dropped onto the floor.


I looked up at your Grandma…as tears formed in my eyes

What she did would forever change me…for to my complete surprise


she smiled saying “Don’t worry…the best cook is a messy one

now that you’ve learned your first lesson it’s time to have some fun.”


She spread more flour across the floor…it seemed to cover every space

She even picked up a little pile and threw it in my face…


We laughed and played on our kitchen floor for what seems to me like hours…

then your Grandma stopped and said to me…”Look! We made footprints in the flour.”


I don’t remember what kind of cookies we made…but at that time I swore

If I ever had the chance…I’d make more footprints on the floor.


So now it’s my turn to say, “Don’t worry…the best cook is a messy one…


now that your first lesson is over…it’s time to have some fun.”

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6 men once walked into a bakery…6 men all old and grey.

They sat at separate tables…it’s how they began their day.


6 men once did not know each other…didn’t give each other a second look

6 men sat alone with their coffee and donut…reading their newspaper…or a book.


6 men from different walks of life…all sitting independently

oblivious to those around them…unaware of their destiny.


One day 1 man smiled at another…this man returned his grin

then they began to talk together…soon the other 4 joined in.


And though still at separate tables (they are comfortable sitting this way)

they began to greet each other warmly as they began each day.


As the years went by this routine continued…6 men begin their day…

6 men sitting at 6 tables…and they wouldn’t have it any other way.


1 man’s wife dies unexpectedly…a loss he finds hard to bare…

When he returns to the bakery…5 men are waiting there.


5 men hug the other man…and when their hug is done

6 men at 6 tables…share the suffering of one.


Earlier I mentioned their destiny…of this there can be no doubt..

Where 6 men once walked into a bakery…6 friends each day walk out.


6 men who can’t wait to get together…who help each other find their way

Showing how love, just like to donuts in the bakery where they meet…


is made fresh every day.

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Their friends and family were seated when his bride called to say she was running late.

“However long it takes,” he said,“don’t worry…I will wait.”


Every time they went out for the evening she was often running late

he would stand by patiently and always said, “Don’t worry…I will wait.”


When her walk began to slow down…when she had trouble with her gait….

he would pause a little bit ahead of her saying, “Don’t worry…I will wait.”


When she was sick and in the hospital…he could see she was losing weight…

she would tell him to go home he needs his rest…visiting hours end at eight.


He would lay his head gently against hers and whisper, “There will be no debate,

I‘ll never leave your side…I will sit right here…and wait.”


And when she knew she was near the end…once she recognized her fate…

she took his hand, looked up at him and said, “You know our life’s been great…


now it’s time to say goodbye…time to pass through heaven’s gate…”

“but know this…”

“however long it takes you to get there”…she smiled…

“Don’t worry…I will wait.”



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I wonder…


What would happen if, as a country,

our hearts were front and center…

if our door was always open 

to anyone who wants to enter?


What would happen if we didn’t wait for others

if we did not delay

being compassionate and accepting

but instead…we lead the way?


I wonder…


What would happen if we could see the light in everyone we meet?

What kind of wonderful world would this be…

if we treated everyone

as if that light….


is all that we could see?

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She fondly remembers the day he proposed to her…

how her heart he won…

When he started listing all the things…

things he’d never done


“I’ve never seen the Taj Mahal” he said, “I’ve never been on skis.”

“I’ve never ridden a ferris wheel…I’ve never sailed the seven seas.”


“I’ve never climbed a mountain…I’m not sure I’d know how.”

“I’ve never eaten Lucky Charms…never milked a cow.”


“I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon…never owned a parakeet.”

“I’ve never ridden a camel…I’ve never eaten beets.”


“I’ve never been on the Golden Gate Bridge…never seen a crocodile.”

“I’ve never watched a 3D movie…never ran a mile.”


“I’ve never seen a desert.”…here she interrupted him saying, “Let me stop you if I may...
what are you trying to tell me…what are you trying to say?”


“What am I trying to say?” he answered…as he got down on one knee

“I’m trying hard to ask you…if you will marry me.”


“But why list all these things you’ve never done, she asked…

that’s a funny thing to do?”

“Because there are so many things I’ve never done,” he said…

that I want to do with you.”


And they have spent their life together…

together….having fun…

And now they fondly look back together…


at all the things that they have done.

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I remember the aroma of Grandma’s cookies…in the oven baking

and in the jar upon the counter…ready for the taking.


For any occasion or no occasion…I’m not exaggerating

when I walked into her house…she had those cookies waiting.


When Grandma became sick…when she couldn’t bake cookies anymore

one day on my way to visit…I stopped by the cookie store.


I found the most beautiful cookies sitting near the windowpane…

smiling sunflower cookies…wrapped in cellophane.


I brought two of them to Grandma…she said, “Oh honey, what a treat.”

“I”ll cherish them forever…’cause they’re much to beautiful to eat.”


I didn’t think much about them till she was gone and there on her windowpane

I happened on two sunflower cookies…wrapped in cellophane.


“She wasn’t kidding.” I whispered to myself as I wipe away a tear

thinking of all the cookies she’d baked…all those cookies…all those years.


I laid one in her coffin…so when she got to heaven she would see

her cookie wrapped in cellophane and she would think of me.


And I kept the other cookie…wrapped in cellophane as it were…


so every time I look at it…I will think of her.

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No matter what happens in his life…he never speaks of pain

Instead he finds treasures in his troubles and pleasures in the rain.


When asked how he endures his suffering…how so easily he copes  

he answers that he only thinks of love…of happiness and hope.


He thinks of life as an adventure and all the beauty there is to see…

He finds his peace in the kindness of his friends…in the warmth of his family.


He looks at all the beauty in the world…he finds his inspiration in the turtle dove…

for he knows if he’s to thrive in life…he must fill his heart with love.


He says he’s much too busy…to ever speak of pain…

too busy finding treasures in his troubles and pleasures in the rain.


To busy finding inspiration in the flight of the turtle dove...

too busy filling his heart with hope…with happiness and love.


For he knows outward beauty is fleeting…that one day it will depart


and he knows the only lasting beauty…is the beauty in his heart…


He did not understand his daughter…he had not intended to be cruel

It’s just…when she told him she was gay…well…

He was from a different time…a different school.   


He prayed to his God, he attended church…he even sang their hymns…

But he still could not wrap his head around what she was telling him.


His first reaction was anger…he said things she couldn’t forget…

Nasty, hurtful, unkind things…he later would regret.


You see all his daughter wanted was his love…

a love that he denied

and in her grief and sorrow…she committed suicide.


It was only after she was gone…when his heart began to break

that he realized he had been wrong…that he’d made a huge mistake.


That his daughter was his daughter…wether straight or bi or gay

and he should have showed her that he loved her each and every day.


Ye,s he realized her life was special…the life he helped create…

He realized she was wonderful the way she was…

just a little bit too late.


Now he tells the world their story…hoping love will conquer hate….

Hoping other parents hear his cries…and for them...it’s not too late.


And I wonder…in a world that’s filled with anger…with bigotry and hate…


How many need to learn this lesson…before it is too late?

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