The young boy said, “I don’t believe in magic…

I’ve never felt the thrill.”

The old man smiled as he squeezed his wife’s hand…


“One day, son, you will.”

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One day as we visited Grandpa and saw him sitting there

we thought it was probably the right time to buy him a new chair.


He’s sat in that one forever…when he moves around…it creaks

the cushions are uneven…and one arm rest is weak.


The stitching barely holds together…not much if it remains

and where Grandpa loves to lay his head…is permanently stained.


It’s time for a new one, we all thought, and we were so excited

knowing Grandpa was going to love it…knowing he would be delighted.


But it didn’t go quite as we expected…I guess our thinking was a little out of whack

because when he presented it to Grandpa…he said, “Thanks…but take it back.”


Then Grandpa smiled at the lot of us…and after letting out a sigh

sat back in his old chair and explained his reasons why.


This is the chair I was sitting in when you all first came to visit me.

This is where I held each one of you…where I bounced you on my knee.


This is where we watched TV together…where I put you on my lap

where after a day of playing whatever game you wanted…we’d sit down and take a nap.


This is where I’ve sat each Christmas watching the magic taking place

From here I’ve watched you all grow up…with a smile on my face 


From here I’ve smiled at your grandma…and wondered how she found a way

as we have both grown older…to look more beautiful every day…


Grandpa went on for a long time…(as Grandpa often would)

and well before he finished…we all understood.


So the next day we sat his new chair by the road with gentleness and care…

FREE, the note read, 

with one condition…


it must become a Grandpa chair.

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My farther




                                    『 志心聡明 』






Author's Notes/Comments: 

In China and Japan, probably in other asian countries, (Sorry I am not familier to it so much )

There is a saying to express things in just 4 words. It is much shorter than Haiku nor poem.

I create this words to my father. I tried to express exactly what he was as a man I respect.

To me it is much easier to describe what he was in sentences but I wanted to try this way.

So many memories about him and so many words he said, so many smiles he showed us....but all in 4 words.

I love him and miss him so much. Rest in peace, I love you so much.


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While writing the story of his life

when he reached the part where his heart needed mending

how could he have ever known 

she would come along

and write his happy ending.


That she would create his joy

his comfort

would compose his music 

and his laughter

and the rest of the story would write itself



happily ever after.


He once lived an uninspired life

his palette a muted black and white….

until she came and filled his world

with color…



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His son came to him with tears in his eyes…he was crying…

both of them were sad

His son had lost his Grandpa…and he had lost his dad.


“What am I going to do?” his son asked…his sadness on display

“Is there anything I can do to make this sadness go away.”


He hugged his son, lifted him up then lovingly placed him on his knee

“Let me teach you something,” he said…”your grandpa taught to me.”

Let’s sit here together close our eyes and think of Grandpa for a while.

Think of all you the time we spent together…all the times he made us smile.


“Today we’re feeling one huge sadness…and here is what Grandpa taught us:”

“Not to let this one huge sadness outweigh all the happiness he brought us.”


He said, “sadness and happiness are incompatible. They can’t take up the same space

and the best way to remove a frown is to put a smile on your face.”


“It’s not always easy.” he knew… “like today when we’re both so aware

how Grandpa is no longer with us…how sadness fills our air.”


“But Grandpa knew what he was talking about and when sadness comes our way

we must remember happiness…to make that sadness go away.”


So they sat together father and son…and they thought of him a while…


and on one of the saddest days in both their lives…they found a way to smile.

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“Nurse!” The doctor cried out as he viewed his patient’s chart

“Can you tell me what’s been going on with Mr. Whitman’s heart?”


“It seems to be beating regularly…I see normal rhythms here…

but in the midst of all these natural beats…why do all these spikes appear?”


“Not to worry, doctor.” The nurse said with a smile…”Nothing dire to assume.”


“That’s what always happens when his wife enters the room.”

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A love Note To You

I can speak words of adoration

Well into the night

And still not a one

Will ever be right


To convey or depict

The love in my heart

You have un-mindedly deposited

From the very start


You unselfishly give

Never wanting to take

Only wanting to please

With passion that’s never fake


You are selfless and caring

And unbelievably kind

Another as beautiful  

I would never again find


You are my inspiration in life

My very best friend

That’s why I will love you

Far past my life’s end

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They sit together in silence

often I have seen them….

for theirs is the kind of love that speaks


without a word passing between them.

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