When their eyes first met he whispered to himself, 

“Some day I’m going to marry you.”

never imagining…

at that moment


she was whispering too.

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After we’d finished dinner at Grandma’s table one night

she looked about to cry

but a smile slowly crossed her face as a tear dropped from her eye…


You’ve grown up much too fast she said as she gave the top of our heads a kiss…

I know that’s the way it’s supposed to be….but there are some things that I miss….


I miss being able to hold you on my lap

It used to bring me joy

I miss cleaning the crumbs off your dinner plates

I miss picking up your toys…


I miss how every moment between us

was exciting, surprising…and new

I miss how tired your grandpa and I were

when our time with you was through.


I’m glad to see how you’ve grown up

our moments together have been unsurpassed

I’m happy for the all times we have…

just sad they’re over so fast.


Since that conversation with Grandma,

every time we leave her door.

we make sure there are some extra crumbs upon our plates

and a few toys upon the floor.


And Mom and Dad are never angry….

when they notice toys in Grandmas hands…

because one look at the smile on her face

and they seem to understand.




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Their love has been a blessing.

some would say…

a work of art…



wherever they walk

their hands are never far apart…


They have always shared their laughter, 

their tears

their hopes

their fears 

their dreams…

and have often wondered if love


as easy as it seems…


They have shared their dreams forever

at least…

as long as anybody can

and they love to look back 

and remember


the day their dream began…

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As her hand slipped into his for the last time

his tears began to flow…

for he knew

after a lifetime of holding her hands in his


it was time to let her go. 

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I saw him before I saw her…(I believe she was holding the door.)

There was a far away look in his eyes as he shuffled his feet on the floor.


I felt a twinge of sorrow for him as he slowly labored past

Each step seemed so difficult…more challenging than the last.


I saw her next when she caught up to him and I thought how nothing could compare

with the smile on her face as she helped him to his chair.


She fixed his hair, she straightened his clothes with an ease, a tenderness…a grace

and as she tended to his every need that smile never left her face.


I did not know this couple whom I assumed were man and wife

but as I watched them endure the ravages of age I imagined younger moments in their life.


The moment hey first met, when they fell in love…when they lived in younger skin

I imagined them with friends and family…imagined all the places they had been…


A lifetime spent in love together was not difficult to surmise

I saw it in the gentleness of her touch…and in the sparkle of her eyes.


When our eyes met for a moment I saw how her smile was masking her pain

and I thought how the more her husband slips away…the more her love remains.


I believe when we happen upon one another…even momentarily in a day

from every brief encounter…we take something away.


It may be a look…a smile…a glance…a gesture from afar

that finds it’s way into our heart and reshapes who we are.


As I left my brief encounter and walked to my car in a misty rain

I thought about that moment…about how she smiled through her pain…


and though there was a hint of sadness as I drove home by the sea

it wasn’t her sadness…it was her love…I took away with me.


A love so beautiful…so everlasting…so quietly proclaimed

It made me smile when I thought of it…

knowing I’d never be the same.





He thought he could not love her any more than he did that day

but then the next day came along

and when his eyes met hers that morning

he realized 


he was wrong…

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As they walked together, missing her, the daughter asked the dad

“How can the sunrise be so beautiful when I’m feeling so sad?”


How can I find beauty anywhere…in the trees, the birds…the butterflies

when everything is blurry…when tears fill up my eyes?”


“when my world has lost its color…when everything is grey…

when nothing that I see or hear makes my sadness go away?


“This sadness we are feeling,” Dad said…

there is no remedy…

no cure

but the trees, the birds, the butterflies and the sunrise

make it easier to endure.”


We cannot stop sadness from reaching into our lives…

but eventually we learn

If we have love, sunrises and butterflies

our happiness returns.


Her dad is no longer with her

and when she feels sad she smiles as she closes her eyes …

and she thinks of walking with him in the morning…

of sunrises 


and butterflies.


When he was young he wondered about love

He wanted answers…he didn’t want to wait…

He wondered how love happened…

from where did it originate?


So he went and asked his mother who said,

“I don’t know how it happens but from the very start

there is love in every one of us

It is born within our heart.”


Then she looked at his father then back at him

and her eyes filled up with tears,

“One day when you least expect it

love will just appear.”


Well that didn’t answer his question

And though he wasn’t mad

he was still a little bit confused

So he went and asked his dad.


His dad looked at his mother

then said, looking into his young son’s eyes,

“Love is like a gift you don’t anticipate

It comes as a surprise.”


“It is not something you can hold.” he said.

“You can’t sculpt it, mold or…shape it.

It’s a feeling that comes over you.

You can’t avoid it or escape it..”


Both parents said one day he’d understand

That right then he was much too small…

Which made him wonder if his parents

understood love at all.


Until the day he saw her… 

The day he noticed the smile on her face…

the day everything his parents said

fell beautifully into place.


He used to wonder about love

But that was then…


And though he still doesn’t have all the answers


He doesn’t wonder anymore.

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An old married couple was asked one day

what made their marriage so strong…

What has kept them together all of these years?

Why has it lasted so long?


They immediately began describing moments…

moments neither one would dismiss…

When he wipes a tear from my cheek….

When she sneaks up and steals a kiss.


When he hugs me for no reason at all…

When we pass and she touches my hand…

The scent of her on on my clothing…

A walk on the beach with our toes in the sand…


How he brushes the hair from my face…

The way she calls out my name…

The smile on his face when our eyes meet

The smile on hers is the same…


They went on and on for a while

with too may reasons here to report

proving a marriage so vibrant…so long


is made up of countless moments so short.

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