He’s not sure exactly when it formed…can anyone ever be?

but they had a special bond…his grandmother and he.


She used to tell him he was her favorite grandson…that he was the most fun

even though, as they both knew, he was her only one.


And when his parents died…in an accident…unexpectedly

they were the only two people in the world…

his grandmother…and he.


“Try not to worry too much.” she said…as into his hand her hand slid.

“I promise I’ll take care of you.”…and that’s just what she did!


She became his mom and dad…and when all is said and done

he went from being her only grandson…to being her only son.


As age began to envelop her…one day to his surprise

she said, “Promise me you will be here the last time I close my eyes.”


“Of that you never have to worry.” he said as into her hand his hand slid.

“I promise I will be here.”…and that’s exactly what he did!


He was far away when he got the call…the doctor said she wouldn’t last

that she was asking for him…and could he get there…fast.


He drove as fast as he could…along the way…he cried

but he made it to the hospital in time…and he knelt by Grandma’s side.


“I knew you’d come she said to him.”…as a smile crossed her face

She raised up as he leaned down…and gently they embraced.


“We made a promise to each other.” he said, “when our two lives intertwined.”

“You kept your promise to me…and now I’m keeping mine. “


Grandma nodded then she whispered…”I love you son…goodbye.”

then she smiled, squeezed his hand and…for the last time…closed her eyes.


And a smile sneaked in through his tears that night…in bed…before he slept


as he marveled how two lives were made so beautiful by the two promises they kept.

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He doesn’t know how it happens

it is difficult to explain

how so many times throughout the day


his heart beats out your name.

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They were sad to watch the disease take his mind

at such a slow and steady pace

watching the emotions..

the joy…

the happiness

drain out of his face.


They often wondered what it was like for him

as his life faded into blur. 

Did he anticipate and dread the day

he would not know who they were?


Yes, he knew what was happening…

a least for a while he did

and he left a final message for them

as into the fog he slid…


‘My dearest family’ it read

‘whatever you may do

please do not forget me


after I’ve forgotten you.’

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“If you had your life to live over again,” she asked, “would you change it in any way?”


“I would.” he said with a smile, “I’d start looking for you right away.”

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It's In My Heart

The Lectern's Rise

It's in my heart; thy swift song daily beat,
Thee every morning remake a sound, you be,
Toiling the organ vibrate;
Pulsating, never waits
Even for dawn to come;
Thy morning and thy sun.
Even for dusk to set;
Thy late hour, sun-set.
Heart beats for me, at work, all a duty
Is done, thy toil, with love given fully,
Therefore thy days to be seen
While time's that rulling queen.
It's in my heart; thy swift song daily beat,
Thee every morning remake thy sound, you be! Toiling, the organ vibrate ...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love is in my heart. ♡_♥

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It was their 50th wedding anniversary

A truly memorable milepost

when, near the end of the evening,

the husband stood up to deliver a toast…


I was recently asked when was the first time I fell in love with my wife, he began

and I have to admit…that’s difficult to say…

the answer’s not as simple as you might expect

as there are many first times…every day


The first time I see her in the morning, 

The first time she utters my name

The first time I see her smile

I always feel the same.


I don’t understand how it happens

but from the first time that we met

and every first time after

It’s a feeling I’ll never forget. 


The first time we touch, the first kiss of the day

The first time she looks into my eyes

The first time she speaks, the first time she sings

The first time she laughs…or she cries.


Love is a magical feeling

It is subjective and difficult to explain

but I feel it every first time I see her

In my heart,

In my soul

In my brain.


I’m sure I loved her from the first time we met…he said raising his glass

by the way my legs went numb

so here’s to that very first time


and all the first times to come

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There I was at work surrounded by a thousand stories of drama, love and surprise

when one of the greatest love stories I could imagine unfolded before my eyes:



They came into the bookstore…a couple old and grand

wearing smiles across their faces…walking hand in hand.


I noticed as they walked the store…their gait was deliberate and slow

and they continued holding each other’s hands…never letting go.


They came in to browse, get out of the heat…look for a story or two

Before they left they stopped to talk to me…as customers often do.


It was at this moment when we spoke that I quickly came to know

why he held her hand so tight…why he would not let her go.


As he and I talked about the store…(he mentioned it’s a beautiful place)

she held his hand, stared at me…and the smile never left her face.


When she did enter our conversation…gesturing with her other hand

she laughed and giggled and mumbled…but she was hard to understand.


I imagine it was Alzheimers…that was interfering with her style

but it hadn’t yet stolen her desire…or her ability to smile.


I conversed with her as best I could…not understanding most of what she said

which meant a lot of looking into her eyes, smiling and nodding my head.


Before they left…her husband shook my hand and thanked me joyously

“For giving her the same attention,” he said, “that you have given me.”


She waved as they were leaving…her other hand he never dropped

and as they left the store I heard him say…”We’re heading to the ice cream shop.”


She seemed to quiver with excitement…the excitement of a child

then gave one last glance in my direction, waved again…and smiled.


I wonder how much longer they have together…

before Alzheimers makes it’s final stand…

But I like to think whatever happens…


they’ll be forever holding hands…

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A funny thing happened…it made our hearts skip

as we sat and reviewed pictures from our latest camping trip. 


We smiled at each nature picture remembering how we communed

but when one particular photo popped up…the two of us immediately swooned….


It wasn’t the photo of the sun peeking through the trees

or that little deer print we found in the dirt?

No…the one photo that elicited the biggest response

was that brownie we had for dessert.


To be fair that brownie was warm and chewy and delicious

It’s the best one we’ve ever had….north or south

You could smell the warmth of the chocolate as you raised up your fork

and it, literally, melted right in your mouth.


And I wondered what would create such a reaction?

Why would this one brownie cause such a fuss?

Could it be when it came to our latest adventure…

it was more than a brownie to us.


We ate that brownie together…

though at the moment it went undeclared

Perhaps seeing it later symbolized in our hearts 

everything about our trip that we shared.


In that brownie was a taste of the sunrise, the feel of the water so wet,

a hint of the deer peeking out of the grass, a mouthful of a lovely sunset…


That brownie was proof that what the ancients say is true

and not merely an illusion…or myth

That all things in life are more beautiful 

when you have someone to share them all with…


Perhaps you are thinking I’ve lost my mind

that attaching so much emotion to a desert is bad form…

Sure, it’s possible a desert is just a desert…

but…did I mention


that brownie…was warm.

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“Why are you always holding Grandma’s hand?” she asked.

Grandpa smiled…as was his way.

“The reason we hold hands,” he answered

“goes back to that first day.”


“That first day she told me she loved me…

‘Hold my hand’ is all I could think to say

because I knew if she wasn’t holding my hand

I would have easily floated away.”


“But you’ve been married 40 years!” the young boy said.

“I guess I don’t understand.

Why, after all this time…

Why do you still hold her hand?


Grandpa looked across the room at Grandma

the wrinkles in his face turned red…

then he smiled…as was his way


“Same reason.” was all he said.

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