I have heard it said…perhaps the rumor spread while listening to a band…

how music is one language every heart can understand.


I wonder if the key…to any tune or melody is how quickly it can make you dance

how by listening even for a moment your existence is enhanced.


I have also heard…somehow got the word…did someone take a poll?

how the moon can be like magic…magic for the soul.


I wonder if the key…to the moon at least for me is when under her for a little while

I cannot help but feel good…I cannot help but smile.


Over the years through laughter and tears…this I’ve also come to know

how water helps to nourish my heart and help my soul to grow.


I wonder if water’s key…of course it has to be…besides it’s natural appeal

Is how it makes me think…and how it makes me feel.


But something happens to me…when I combine all three…

music, water and the moon

The language of my heart and the magic of my soul are blissfully in tune.


So if you have some extra time to spend…I whole heartedly recommend

Take yourself, your wife, your son…your daughter..

and sit under the moon

listen to some tunes


and make sure you’re somewhere by the water

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I’ve often heard him playing his violin…his music has a way

of finding its way into my heart…be it night or be it day.


He plays outside while looking up…always in the same place

underneath the power lines with a smile on his face.


He has no music in front of him…it seems to flow from somewhere within

but there he sits day in…night out…this old man and his violin…


I asked him once how he does it…how does he find a way

to play a different song each evening…a new song every day.


He pointed up to the power lines…then played some of the most beautiful music I’d ever heard…

“It’s really very simple.” he said…”Each day I play the birds.”


The power lines are my musical staff…when the birds land there each day

I don’t have to think about it…all I have to do is play.


“But what about at night?” I asked…”You play different music…

different tunes with different bars.”

The old man smiled

“When the birds go to sleep in the evening,” he said…


“that is when I play the stars.”

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He asked her to teach him all she knew about music….

it was something he didn’t know

not because he loved music


but because she loved it so.

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He came to redefine the silence…

and of their emotions…they quickly lost control

so they closed their eyes

they sang…

they waved their hands up in the air

and they let his music fill their souls…


And for a moment they will remember forever 

they felt the power of music to enhance…

as the rhythm beat deep within their hearts

and they watched…


as a stadium danced.

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this is a little off topic but.......

You just have to check this out. I just had to share this with you>>>> https://www.facebook.com/formerlyofsolomonsringfinger/

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You will be amazed to say the least my friends.

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My Guitar

The music

which warms

my heart

Is echoed off

the guitar that was

once played

But now sits

in a corner

and feels the lonliness

of deaf ears

A broken string


at the empty air

and fades

quietly away.

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Tickle the Ivories


Tickle the ivories


across my octaves


along the sharps and flats,


the major and minor keys,


in chords of harmony


alongside my melody


rising in a crescendo


the rhythm of our song


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Last night in the cool of a summer evening…outside under a beautiful crescent moon

Deborah and I sat together under the stars…and listened to Tony Bennett croon…


I confess we didn’t listen to him much growing up.

We never ‘dug’  his rhythm and soul…

He was someone our parents listened to…

he was not rock and roll.


But now that we’re a little older… no longer bound by the constraints of childhood…

We find we can enjoy some things…we never thought we would.


Like listening to Tony underneath a starlit sky…wondering before the night was through

why we never listened to the music…our parents listened to?


Because music is universal…no matter what type or style you claim…

Yes, the melodies may be different…but the feelings are the same…


The music floats up on the air and a part of you loses control

as the music captivates your heart…and permeates your soul…


For music has a way of reminding us who we are…

and who we use to be…

And it somehow has the power…the magic

to both invoke…and make…a memory.


And that’s what happened last night

as we sat under a waning crescent moon

we could feel our parents sitting next to us

as we listened to Tony croon…


And we may have been caught up in the moment…

there’s a chance we could be wrong…

but we’re pretty sure we both heard…

our parents sing along…


As usual…the stars were so enchanting… 

but tonight we felt…truly blessed;

for when our eyes drifted up with the music

one star shone brighter than the rest…. 



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A Smile And Two Drumsticks

One day a lonely drummer sat up

as in his mind a crazy notion swirled...

“What if, with a smile and these two drumsticks...” he thought,

“I could change the world?”


So he sat upon a street corner

and began to drum a beat.

And, before long, people stopped and smiled...

then began to move their feet.


Suddenly a woman with a guitar

stepped out of the throng,

smiled at the drummer

and began to play along.


Then a woman started singing

in a voice both sweet and strong

and the people who were dancing

began to sing along.


As the music emanated in all directions

people came from everywhere.

They smiled, they sang, they danced, they cheered

they raised their hands up in the air.


And when the song was over

some people shook hands...others kissed...and some embraced.

Everyone left with a spring in their step

and a smile upon their face.


And the drummer..

he also smiled...

after seeing so many people enthralled.

And he was left to wonder if his crazy notion...


was so crazy after all.

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