In the three preceding poems I penned quite recently

I wrote how I was thankful for my house, my friends…my family.


But house and friends and family are mere words that by themselves have no appeal…

What gives them their beauty…their allure, their significance…is our ability to feel.


I’m thankful for as long as I can remember…from the time I was a boy

how I could feel…happiness…pleasure…ecstasy…awe…excitement..joy.


I’m thankful for my confidence…my pride…my self esteem…

for my ability to imagine, to wish, to hope…to dream…


And though I am truly thankful for all the wonders listed above…

I believe I am most thankful for my ability to love.


Love is a magnificent creation…an incredible gift…for it has this wonderful ability

to enhance the way we feel about ourselves, our house, our friends…our family.


The fact we can feel love…in all its forms…both big and small

is, perhaps, when you stop to think about it…the greatest gift of all.


But the ability to feel…as wonderful as it can be also has a darker side…

It opens us to feelings of sorrow and misery…feeling we can’t hide.


It stands to reason…if we have the ability to feel joy…we will also feel pain…there will be tiimes we bask in the sunshine…and times we must endure the rain.


But I have found what makes the joy more joyous and the sorrow go down more easily..

is our ability to love and to feel the love of our friends and family.


So this Thanksgiving when in your house…with friends and family…convening….

rejoice and remember it’s our ability to love and be loved that gives our life its meaning.


Love can to make a house a home…

It connects us with friends and family…

it can energize…soothe…and heal

which is why this Thanksgiving…as I do every day…

I give thanks for my ability to feel.

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No Matter

Verse 1:

Though, I meet someone new

No one can compare to you.

No matter what we do or the trials and tribulations we face,

If it's you, I can overcome anything.



No matter the distance,

Timing is everything.

You belong to me

And I to you.


Verse 2:
No matter if we argue,

 We'll resolve it quickly:

Agree to disagree.

You challenge me.



No matter the love,

let's keep it going.

If it's just you and me,

We can get through anything.


No matter what,

I'll always love you.

'Cause you're my shooting star,

I won't let you go so easily.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is inspired by the BoA song (feat. Beenzino): "No Matter What" and the Oceanlane song - "You Don't Belong to Me". It's dedicated to my ex (aka first love)... -_- (I don't know if I can ever get over him)

Heartbeat Part 3

Verse 1:
Come away with me tonight.

This heart beats so alone

Without its better half.

Babe, you're my heartbeat.



All the rhythms lead

And point to you.

Can you run into my arms?

'Cause you're worth the fight.


Verse 2:

I'd do anything for us.

It's worth the aches and pain.

There's no price for what

I'd go through for you.



 This heart beats so alone

Without its better half.

Perhaps, now, would you return to my side?

'Cause you are my life's memory: my heartbeat.


Was it a sin to love you?

'Cause you're my posion.

This heart beats so alone

Without its better half.

For, you are my heartbeat. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Heartbeat Part 3" inspired by the Ariana Grande song: "All My Love" which a guy friend dedicated to me. I don't love my guy friend in that way though so I ended up breaking his heart...