Seasons have a lot to say,
Seasons teach us to adjust in our life showing a unique way!

In rainy season we look forward to ample fun,
We look forward to everything that holds a romantic run…

Summer season brings on cold beverages, ice creams and chilly bites,
In winter season we are addicted to hot coffee and tea,
In winter season fries are special, hot food is all you mainly see…

Most of the people associate the seasons with food and clothes,
But seasons have lots more in them, to take you success roads!

Summer says no matter the heat, continue to toil,
Summer says scarcity of necessities, should not make you boil!

Rainy season says I will not dry your clothes that lie on a line,
Rainy season says there will trouble to commute, but you should be fine!

The dull season of the year says we will not fulfill your need of sunshine,
The dull season say we are lack of rain and will not give you a cooling sign,
However dull a season I am, you have to do your work on time!!

Winter season says I a terribly cold,
Winter season says I will give you strength and courage to hold,
A dream to become a star,
As I will shiver you to perform better at every hour!

So every season creates a lack,
We should value what we have and keep it intact!

The seasons also say live life with the external environment well!
Then only a perfectionist has awakened in you to dwell!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A season can change your personality!

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Nobody Loves Me

Ugonna Wachuku  



I live on a misty mountain top
in the heart of Uturu. On this
mountain, I walk with eagles.
My house is built of natural
stone. Streams water my
surroundings with refreshing,
live-giving scent from nature.  


I am in tune with nature.
I am a child of nature.
Nature knows me; and I know
nature within the depths of
my being. 


My hope in life does not
wane because daily, I breath
healing freshness from nature
and my mountain top environment.


I drink from springs on the
mountain. Each night, when I
bend down to drink, moonbeams
caress my longing back.


Nobody knows me; not even
my name; not even where
I come from. Could I have
been forgotten in the still
smallness of life? Could I
have lost that unchanging
love promised?


Each dusk, I stare down the
valley wondering if life has
anyone like me down there.
I wonder at my home and at
nature in all of its beauty.
I wonder at my beginning.


I rest with the hope of
finding a companion. But
nobody comes. Nobody calls.
Nothing leaves. Nothing comes.
Yet, I stay on this mountain top.


Suddenly, I wake up sweating like
a christmas goat: I have been
dreaming. Then, I realize that it's
real. My heartbeat panders to the
rhythm of a bird's voice. I listen
carefully. This reality comes into
me. I look out of my stone house


The bird's green trees and lush
landscapes have been burnt by
fires of human strife and loveless
destruction across the valley below.
Tear drops fill my sunken eyes.


"Nobody loves me, nobody loves me;
including you" the bird sings on
my mountain spring while I watch
from my weary window on the
mountain top. The bird's tears
mingle with my natural spring
on the mountain.  


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A bird laments humanity's destruction of its environment ... 

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