Nobody Loves Me

Ugonna Wachuku  



I live on a misty mountain top
in the heart of Uturu. On this
mountain, I walk with eagles.
My house is built of natural
stone. Streams water my
surroundings with refreshing,
live-giving scent from nature.  


I am in tune with nature.
I am a child of nature.
Nature knows me; and I know
nature within the depths of
my being. 


My hope in life does not
wane because daily, I breath
healing freshness from nature
and my mountain top environment.


I drink from springs on the
mountain. Each night, when I
bend down to drink, moonbeams
caress my longing back.


Nobody knows me; not even
my name; not even where
I come from. Could I have
been forgotten in the still
smallness of life? Could I
have lost that unchanging
love promised?


Each dusk, I stare down the
valley wondering if life has
anyone like me down there.
I wonder at my home and at
nature in all of its beauty.
I wonder at my beginning.


I rest with the hope of
finding a companion. But
nobody comes. Nobody calls.
Nothing leaves. Nothing comes.
Yet, I stay on this mountain top.


Suddenly, I wake up sweating like
a christmas goat: I have been
dreaming. Then, I realize that it's
real. My heartbeat panders to the
rhythm of a bird's voice. I listen
carefully. This reality comes into
me. I look out of my stone house


The bird's green trees and lush
landscapes have been burnt by
fires of human strife and loveless
destruction across the valley below.
Tear drops fill my sunken eyes.


"Nobody loves me, nobody loves me;
including you" the bird sings on
my mountain spring while I watch
from my weary window on the
mountain top. The bird's tears
mingle with my natural spring
on the mountain.  


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A bird laments humanity's destruction of its environment ... 

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It's very interesting the viewpoint from which you chose to write (a bird). I hear it's pain as it looks from the treetops. Has the bird lost it's faith? Is the writer of the poem experiencing hopelessness? Humankind destroys nature's "nest" for power, afterall, humankind are at the top of the animal chain, and perhaps we are just flexing our ability to demonstrate the power we have...toward destruction. As long as there are different religions upon this world, we shall continue to fight...and destroy nature....the very "nest" in which we sleep. The angle toward establshing PEACE on earth should NOT be from the standpoint of one's beliefs. It ahs been tried too often, and failed AS OFTEN.

Obi Aniche's picture

The capturing of the scenery is magnificient...the style is touching...but it strains...(a resulting effect from environmental degradation - though)

Karyn Indursky's picture

Thank you for showing the destruction industrialization makes everyday. Never do they stop to consider what will become of the animals living there. Yet, they claim to be concerned with extinction. Maybe, if they read this poem they'd stop to think before they act and more animals will be able to live among us.

poetvg's picture

this poem made me think of
one important song i cant hardly
ever get out of my head Jesus loves
me for the bible tell s me so .this
poem was beauitful and free flowing
great work on it much happiness to u.
ps have u ever heard this some poems
sing to you just like music lyrics .
when you at least expect it to happen.

Douglas Lazard's picture

Whoa!! Ugonna I'm so glad I caught this one! Being a part of this battle to save Mother earth makes this poem especially heartfelt by me. I was with you each line and stanza as you created this forlorn image... As I am with you in the caring and love of our brothers and Mother!
Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~

Vikki Wachuku-Bradley's picture

"Nobody Loves Me" is powerful and thought-provoking. It forces us to stop and ponder about the damage we are doing to our environment. We are eradicating, killing and polluting everything on this beautiful earth. My heart laments and my tears mingle with the bird's. I also cry - Nobody Loves Me! No, not enough to care, nourish and protect me and my habitation (environment). This Poet asks: Should we care about our dying environment? Should we care about our weak neighbors' plights and the helpless creatures that cannot help themselves, or should we nonchallantly stand by and watch while we perish?

netter2_98's picture

This poem touched me deeply...nature means much to me. Thanks for the comment you made on my poem earlier. Sorry I didn't get back to you in a timely manner.

Lesa Gay's picture

It is no surprise to me the beauty of your words!

Every time I visit you, I seems to see a glimps of myself although of course, I do not write nearly as eloquently as yourself. I find myself drawn more and more to writing about what we as mankind are doing to our world.

Best Wishes,
Lesa Gay

Lorraine Reutter's picture

I can not read this without thinking of this scripture. I am not a church going person but I have read the Bible extensively...This piece reminds me of Revelation 11: 18 The nations became wrathful,and your own wrath came,and the appointed time, to bring to ruin those ruining the earth. Thankyou once again ...Lorraine

bettieblue's picture

what a wonderful poem,but sadly so true..mankind cant see beyond its own shallowness to see this wonderful and fragile world..i hope it wont be to late once we open our eyes..i love your work..thanks ugonna..

Farah D's picture

touching image of a bird's woeful cry. Its unbelievable how uncaring we, humans, can be towards the smaller beings that nature brings. You have captured it all wonderfully well here! Enjoyed!!

Deceptive Wayz's picture

I really enjoyed this poem :) definatly one of my favorites

Rebecca Elliott's picture

Wow! This poem is really great! I love your use of vivid imagery! This poem was also very real and showed how we should respect nature! I loved it! Thank you for your kind words that you wrote for my poem, "Feelings..." and that you wrote in my guestbook! Thank you so much! Rebecca

Teresa Jacobs's picture

Bitterly haunting are your words and the message they deliver. You are able to evoke the feelings of your reader and bring understanding and compassion for the plight of the invironment. Thank you for caring so much about the inviornment. This is an issue that involves all of mankind and without the efforts of all of us we shall surely perish as victims of the greed of an uncareing society. I cry for this because it is the childern of this world that shall suffer the most. I wish everyone could read your words and understand that the message the convey rings true.

Judy Costea's picture

This poem brings tears to my eyes. I love nature and all it is. I love the walks in the woods and the singing of birds, the sounds of the different animals in the woods. I wake sometimes to see out my window the deers that run up from the woods and come up to the house to feed. knowing that someday this will not even be around anymore beacuse of all the building and destruction to this earth that is going on.
little by little it is being destroyed and mankind will not stop til it is all over.
God has given us so much beauty to for pleasure and to live with. What gives mankind the right to destroy it.
Thank you for such a heartwarming poem.
God bless you.