A Lullaby of Another Name

Free Writes

The haunting melody crafted by the stars twinkling in their desolate space sings us all to sleep as the world alters its image to conform what it is that we wish to see.

A sonnet of the wretched and unforgiven, bleeding through the stars as the crescendo of their pain entrenches the moon with the deadly elegance of a thousand knives.

The stars shall soon rain down upon us all, allowing our mortal ears to hear the symphony of our demise, a cacophony of twisting beauty and deformity.

We are the conductors of our own decimation and fates, everything lies on the flick of a baton, the question is, where will your masterpiece end?
As one sonata ends, another begins, the circle of life encompassing us all.

A lullaby of another name.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A short five-minute free write.

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The Creatures in the Well


My hateful thoughts go in the well,

My bad emotions I do sell.

But it draws me back,

And what do the beings in the well lack?


They try to touch me and suck me in,

But this I of course do win!

For the Cultist pulls me away,

By grabbing me gone from the scene.


Now in the house I watch,

Through the window it does match.

And always the snow is there,

But I don't know where...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A vision I had through meditation.

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