Unknown - December 9, 2011

They to to understand,

Simply cannot comprehend,

This pain where I stand;

This misery that will not end.


My mind of fear and doubt,

And of pain I cannot bare.

I am always unsuccessful,

In ridding this despair.


I am unknown,

To myself and others.

These problems I am,

Cannot hide under covers.


I may cut or burn,

Or harm myself tonight.

To me, it's my turn,

To bare my mental fight.


I am unknown,

To myself and others.

But these problems I am,

Will no longer be uncovered.


I will wake up tomorrow,

And my pain will not be shown.

But this pain is real,

Just to others, it's unknown.

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book reading

do androids dream of electric sheep the book i did read.. short story compared to the story of life.. i read the book of you and flip its pages quickly quickly my friend.. lover unknown person known.. lover known person unknown..

i read that book and as i do soft fingers trail across text.. the book of you has pages stiff and soft.. rough and smooth and at times i read it slowly too.. every puntuating mark a shock to my brain every train of thought rushes to my heart..

and i follow it chapter and verse to get to the heart of its creator.. i read the book of you and hope that it is not word for word as society has written..

but sometimes it is.. your passion plain to see becase you are used to being read by the average reader instead of hunger of imhotep.. child locked in a room trying to find the cure for a dying mothers cancer i sift through the words.. one on by one not missing a single stroke of the pen or drop of the ink pressed to print..

pages flip so fast they catch afire upon my fingertips..their heat fans out as i read on.. every day a few more pages but i know ill never be done because you are constantly changing the story.. new passions and mysteries write themselves in the book of your life.. new moments spill upon its pages..

im a book reader but let my fingers do the walking..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

each heart is its own universe its own history and myths and secrets.. read each story well before reviewing it..

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An Outer Constant


So spake the celestial outlier


in booming and gravitational tones:


Hearken, for I am your only crier;


these are abrasions I have seen and grown!”


What connotations were lost in its haste


to expel its wisdom, we cannot know -


our understanding lacks and in its place:


the ravings of men and their telescopes.


Were it not a voice, but a membrane shook,


hemorrhaging its contents down towards none


and laying its claw to draw in and hook,


anchored by mass at behest of dead suns;


we'd seek to prod its infinite bubble


with mechanical detritus that strays


long after the passing of our Hubble,


while its insight that's accrued shall remain.


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Biology of the unknown

The Gods Of Man

Their bodies were as the clearest crystal;
glimmering in the broad daylight, nearly blinding those who gazed upon them in wonder and disbelief. Though they carried the likeness of glass, their movements were as soft skin; bending and twisting, stretching as they walked.
within them no organs or flow of blood existed, only the purest of light, which glowed as though it were the brightest of suns;
within the glow, the flowing of electrons; twisting, swirling, and dancing around one another in a silent symphony of wonderful harmony and trails of blue and purple light.

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Reaching Out Into the Unknown

I'm reaching out into the unknown,
to try and get a hold of you.

I don't want to let you go,
that's something I shall not do!

You're my little sister, hon,
and I would do anything for you!

So there's just something I need from you,
is for you to contact me!

To talk to me,
so I can hear,
and hold a conversation,
with you.

Since you died at
the age of one,
I never got to talk
to you, and have you
talk back to me,
in a way I could understand.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Work in progress, please tell me what you think!

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unknown tittle

Do people know that what the say hurt?
It's like what they say sinks inside.
stay with you for the rest of your life.
It doesn't stop echoing and repeating inside your head.
Then finally you SNAP.
you look around for something for release.
opening a box you find a scissors,
hold up your wrist, and let it slide across.
its not right, but it feels so good
your punishing yourself for not being good enough
thinking you deserve the pain
carving every single hurtful damaging word in your skin.
a tear then falls from your eyes and mixes up with the blood that runs from the cut.
Its the effect that has you hooked
The effect is releasing some of the hate an anger in yourself, the disappointment when looking at yourself in the mirror,and not feeling so trapped.

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Illusions of reality

The unseen hands that reached out, that grabbed
at him; the figure who watched him from the dark corners
could this have been real or imagined; the line between
the real world and the dreams became even thinner;
every trip into land beyond the waking world seemed
to bring him either one step closer to finding answers
or one step closer being devoured into the unknown forever.

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One way ticket

One way ticket

...Like soft music from heaven...
my thoughts wonder by; they fly, they...
…and I look up and then down and about;
music everywhere! ...thoughts from the soul,
´cause I never learnt how to compose them here…
Not in the morning light, neither in shadows at night.
…and I don’t belong...I´m here just because...

I look around, I see everyone; we all dead are present.
I want out...I…it’s too late!, there’s some “life” to “live” for...
My own blood...I stop time to watch them grow; so much innocence!
…and I feel the need to teach them the way I cannot find.
A violin, a saxophone, a piano;
the never ending orchestra of my soul;
Infinite unloads of powerful madness.

…One’s man dream that can never be written, though I try;
Therefore sorrow; false tickling tears run salty across my cheek to encounter my pillow.
...despair! Impotence!
Life beyond death, or vice verse, where’s no pain...
Never ending music, no words, no mistakes.

Will I ever live to be there? ...but I.
..I gave in so much to the temptations here upon…
I; so to say…so sinful!
…will I ever be pure enough for the one way ticket?
Amilcar Cuenca.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life or whaterer we think this solid state we're in is...

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Into the astral light
one might stumble.

A connection of all
things and minds.

An ocean of

Ties beyond the range
of our senses.

Lying somewhere beyond
the physical.


 copyright by heather burns

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