Success Motto!

Success, Success, Success the whole mankind is running for,
Working hard on so many chores….

Is money success? Is name success? What is Success?
Is Success always having more and never less?

There is no definition to success clear,
We make our own opinions for success,
We make our own notions for failure and fear…..

Then what is the “Success Motto” blowing around….
Is there something permanent you have found!

Yes the motto of success is to be happy now,
You’re not living successfully,
Contemplating on thoughts of past and future how?

Success is to concentrate, be consistent and determined,
Successful are those who take adversities as a positive wind….

Real success means, I am happy no matter what?
Real success is a well lived life,
When the lord takes a glimpse shot!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An irony to success in today's world!

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In real meaning of

In real meaning of success,success is not that you earn much money in your life or you make a big name in the world but true success is that when your heart says that I did some thing good in my life to be patient with others and to help others.