Leaving with wings

Darling bitter butterfly, with wings, you chose without

We would repress our colourful features

And not fly without permission

Not fly at all

We hid them away from scornful faces and painful remarks

Our weapon, our escape

Oh they knew and they feared, they tied us down

Time has passed and divided us in two worlds

Darling, bitter butterfly they still see us

When untouchable, let them see us soar

I no longer fear the colours or the strength which wings can have

Doubtful you are, you must move with the wind

Soul mate, never let them keep you

We know their hate, and repeated methods

Burning wings with their tongues

Unfold your wings

Soar with me

Don’t stay and rotten,


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Afzal Shauq's picture

intersting... really your poetry shows me that you are a good and realistic and logic based poet... and the ideas and subjects are enough new and the way you do it is fantastic... yeah I mean it and love this piece of poem very much..and hope my poetry will also touch your heart if go through seriously..and let me know if its ok to your taste of soul...