My Warrior

A Warrior in my heart

A warrior in my soul

the only kind of man

who could keep my eternal hand

is a warrior filled with love

sent from up above

for no other ordinary man

could fulfill or match my demand

of overwhelming love and affection

a warrior is filled with passion

and respect and honor

for his woman is his center

and he holds her up above

he loves her when she is down

and he loves her when she is happy

he lets her see his spirit and soul

yet he is stronger then any other man you will ever know

my warrior he awaits me

and some day he will come

the spirits tell me of his love

and someday we will be a family

he and i and fawn and our son little dove

we will dance for the creator and live the red road rules

fight for our people and teach the ignorant ones

of beauty of nature of all that's been sent from above

my warrior awaits me,i must go and wait for him to come

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Ralph Montonaro's picture

OK, you simply write great poetry. Your poetry begs to to read like a rock overcome with water by a cool spring. I will keep reading yours with great interest. Keep writing you have a place among the best.