Happy Valentines

my sunny valentines tine tine. on my mind

she helping kill this time so i put her in a rhyme

as im counting the days im staring at her picture reminescing

counting the ways that i love love love you you lets see

i broke it down 1 4 3 write dear diana letters flare on the D

put smith on your name to bring you closer to me

and any idiot can see that your cappacion skin tone

probly the main reason keisha cole on my ringtone

taliking bout love i never knew what i was missing

till the day i kissed you the first time we made love

baby i was trippin could barely enen stand up

got rocky road and made an ice cream sandwich that was nasty

it felt so good though im nasty and you my good girl

its all good girl

to your hart from mines i love you always happy Valentines

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was done by Mr.Smith

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