Walking to Eternity

Walking on this long journey

I hear your thoughts,they mingle with mine

As we both walk this long path to each other

It has been many months and centuries that we

keep walking towards each other

I have passed many places in my journey to you

I can see you walking towards me in my thoughts

You look magnificient my love

I see your huge headdress with the huge plummage

And the feathered serpent emblem on your head

Your very long black hair flowing in the breeze

as your muscled body torts and walks at a steady pace

I can even hear your anklets making their own music

And your guides that are with you,the two jaguars the spotted and the black

I can hear the call of the eagle and condor as they fly above you to look for me

Can you see me my love

I know I am far from you now,but look into your visions

Look into your heart

I am the woman that walks towards you,I have long flowing dark hair

And eyes so bright blue and violet,they shine in the night

And the regalia of my people,the turtle that keeps my people grounded

You know she brought us all here,this is Turtle Island.

Noyollo,can you see my guides they walk with me too

My black wolf Teme and my Tiger Shiva

Manaka'has flies ahead of me

He protects me from all,he sees before I do

And he hears before me too

Something in the universe is changing,I feel stronger

And hear the beat of the drums,and the softness of the flute

I feel excitement as this path grows shorter,I feel as if I have walked forever

And truly,it's been long this path to you

But I can see you in the distance,you are just a blurb

Soon it will grow clearer,and we will be in clear sight

My eyes cannot wait to hold your steady gaze

And dance together in the moonlight

I go into my visions and dream of the day

That we are only inches away

And you reach out your arms and I walk into your embrace

The forever bonds are sealed,The Spirits rejoice

You look into my eyes and we see all those years

Of walking on this path,and all the cried tears

The suffering and the pain,the wanting and yearning

All disappear,in our warm circled meeting

I reach out to touch your face,and it feels like heaven in my hands

The beauty within I feel,we lean to each other,and our lips

meet in their grace

My beautiful warrior,this path has been long

But I would walk a million trillion miles

As long and as far

To be in the place that I never want to leave,the place of protection and keeps me from harm

Right inside here,your warm loving muscular arms...

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