Breaking through forever

My love we have a special thing

and all the happiness it brings

I find it hard to breathe when we are apart

Please know, that you are the sunshine in my heart

If you ever hear, "I'm not completely in love with you"

Have no worries my dear, for I this is simply untrue

Miss is what I do, when I'm not around or think about you

For my heart, my feelings, my thoughts are stuck as epoxy glue

From the time of nervous stomachs, into these times of anxious smiles

Happiness has come full circle, as I picture how beautiful she is as she files

I walk up to this lever, labeled breaking through forever

unrestrained.. I pull it, as we embark on this endeavor

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I believe I have found my soul mate

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Sebastian Arrows's picture

The feeling is mutual. :)