Hold You Down


There were many times in my life that I knew I fucked up bad

Times where I thought that I would lose everything I had

But realizing that through it all, you're still around

It makes me happy to know that you're there to hold me down

Now the tables have turned

The roles, reversed

Time has it's habit of being so cruel, even as that day came near

The day before yesterday, I was there drying your tears

As the days seemed as if they've lasted 1 week long

As your father tells you to remain stong

Just know that I won't let you stay down when you fall

I'll be there to hold you up when you can't stand short, I mean, tall

My hands, although firm, will dry away your water soaked frown

Because, like you to me, I'm gonna hold you down

I've always thought of you as the angel that God sent me from above

Ever since the day you and I fell in love

That is one thing out of many that I am sure about

But unsure minds would be full of questions

What happens when that angel loses her glimmer?

Who take care of that angel when she cannot fly?

Who will dry her tears so that she may light her love's fire of inspiration again?

However, only one will know for sure

Until you can shine, I will be your guiding light

Until you can fly, take my hand and I will lift you high

Your tears wiped away so as to not extinguish your fire so that once again, you can inspire

So no tengas miedo

Yo te cuidare

Yo te ayudare

Y vamos a lograr la felicidad para tu y yo

Because now it's my turn to be your angel sent from above

Because this sort of thing epitomizes true, unadulterated love

As I wipe your tears from your frown and as I hold you close

As I whisper in your ear, I'm here

I'm gonna hold you down

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