Mime Rhyme

Can a Mime
make a rhyme?
Sure a Mime
can make
a rhyme.
But who would
hear it?

Shirley Smothers

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A silly little poem for kids.

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The Pony Poem

Silly Poems

“Will I have a good dream tonight?”
I thought to myself that faithful night.
Suddenly, a burst of color and, full of zest,
I see the sign: “Welcome to Ponyville!” Oh, God, I’m underdressed.
The Grand Galloping Gala is tonight,
Starting in Canterlot at midnight.
I wonder where I’ll find a dress shop.
I hear the ponies’ hooves go “clip, clop.”
I hear the birds singing and the ponies giggling,
Smell the smells coming from Sugarcube Corner, the doorknob jiggling.

A happy pink pony with crazy pink hair
Came out of the door, skipping without a care.
“My name is Pinkie Pie!” she yelled with glee,
“Welcome to Ponyville! I live here, and so does she!”
A flash of rainbow dashes past us and, BAM!
Pinkie Pie’s eyes widen. “Shazam!”
Her hair was rainbow, her body blue,
Not like the other ones I’ve seen – something new.
She tucked her wings against her blue back.
“Hi, I’m Rainbow Dash!” Pinkie Pie says, “Hey, want a snack?”
We both stare at her. Dash slowly leans to me.
“She’s really random, that pony, Pinkie.”

Rainbow and I trot through the town
Looking for a pony that could make me a gown.
We end up at a place called Carousel Boutique,
Filled with beautiful dresses, each one unique.
A white unicorn with a curly purple mane
Came to the front and began to complain.
“Oh, Dashie, my dear, whatever shall I do?
My whole studio is covered in goo!”

She opened a door to reveal something… green.
It was weird for a pony that seemed so pristine.
Stuff was dripping down from the ceiling.
Some landed on Rarity and she started squealing.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door
And I saw a pony I hadn’t met before.
She had a purple body, hair of violet and pink.
She looked like the kind of pony who could really think.

“Oh, Rarity, this was worse than I thought!
What kind of hair gel have you bought?!”
Rarity blushed, and Rainbow Dash said
“Who cares? Just kill it! And make sure it’s dead!”
The purple pony’s horn started to glow,
And then Rarity shouted “Look out below!”

The goo had wrapped itself around her
And took away most, if not all, of her power.
“Oh, great,” Dash said, “now what will we do?
Now Twilight is down. Who will help us? Who?!”
Twilight had an idea. “Someone go get Applejack!
I bet she’d love to give this goo a crack!”

So off we went, Rainbow Dash and I
(Followed mysteriously by the hyper Pinkie Pie)
To Sweet Apple Acres, where AJ was working
Off in the field, the apple trees jerking.
We told her of Rarity’s sticky situation
And Applejack cried, “What a sensation!
I’ve been getting bored, working all day.
That goo monster of yours? Ha! It’s filly’s play!”

Applejack grabbed her lasso and we headed back
To Rarity’s shop, prepared to attack.
By now, Twilight and Rarity were covered in goo.
Rarity cried, “It’s in my hair! Ewwww!”
“Hang in there, partner!” Applejack yelped,
And she whipped her lasso, which… almost helped.

But the goo was too thick. It just ate the rope.
“Aw, great,” said AJ, but Pinkie yelled “There’s still hope!
Why don’t we go see Fluttershy?”
Twilight frowned and argued, “But she’s all the way by
The Everfree Forest! We won’t reach her in time!”
“We have to try,” said Rarity, “I’m sick of this slime!”
Fluttershy was the best at handling creatures.
(It’s one of her most well-known key features.)
“Don’t worry, guys,” Dash said with pride,
“I’ll make it down to the other side
Of Equestria in ten seconds flat!”
I knew in my heart we could trust her with that.
So off she went, gone in a flash,
And, in under a minute, came our Rainbow Dash
With our yellow friend Fluttershy flying beside her.
“I can fix this,” said Fluttershy. Rarity yelled, “You better!”
And with that, Fluttershy began to sing
Sweet as sugar, beautiful as spring.
The goo began to melt off our pony friends,
Calmed by the music. Finally, the end!

But suddenly, the goo began to bubble.
Twilight said, “Well, NOW we’re in trouble.”
The bubbling goo crawled up the wall.
Unsure of what to do; we had thought of it all.
AJ’s lasso was all but effective.
For the first time ever, we thought it defective.
Twilight’s magic didn’t even work.
Rainbow Dash kicked the goo and said, “Jeez, what a jerk!”
Fluttershy’s voice, as sweet as can be
Didn’t work either… hey, where is Pinkie?

“Oh, dear!” cried Rarity, “Was she eaten?
I didn’t think such fast ponies could be beaten.”
We looked through the goo, and everyone got stuck.
Unfortunately, however, we didn’t have much luck.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the door burst ajar.
We couldn’t see who it was; it was much too far.
The pony stepped forward, revealing herself to be
None other than our good friend Pinkie!
“Fear not, my friends, for I have brought snacks!”
She set down her bag, full of knick-knacks.
“Oh, Pinkie Pie,” said Rarity, that’s so irrelevant.
“You may as well have just rode in on an elephant.”
“Just wait,” Pinkie said, assuring us all,
And suddenly began to bounce like a ball
All over the room, popping the bubbles.
The goo was melting away with our troubles.

The leftover goo crawled to Pinkie’s sack,
Creeping inside. Did it want a snack?
The ponies, now free, looked into the bag
To find that the goo had transformed… such swag.
We found a container of hair gel in its place
With a label and a picture of a model pony’s face.
The label read: “Crazy gel for your hair!
Caution: It gets hungry. Handle with care.”
And so, we learned that just a simple snack
Could prevent a most awful and gooey attack.
I went to tell my mom of my wonderful dream
But when I got to her room, everything looked…


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a long, long narrative about the mane six in My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. (Yes, I am THAT obsessed.) It probably won't make much sense if you haven't watched the show. It still won't make much sense even if you have. lolz
I tried to come up with a creative title, but since all of my friends referred to it as "the pony poem," it just sort of stuck... no pun intended.
Most of the rhyming is forced, but it's supposed to be that way. It makes it seem sillier, I think. Come on: "irrelevant" and "elephant?"


Silly Poems

Waiting for my toast to pop.
Waiting for my toast to pop.
Waiting for my toast to pop.
I know it’s coming.
I know it’s going to pop up soon.

This is taking forever.
Maybe I’ll just get my plate and knife out a while.
Do I want butter or jam?

Okay, I have everything.

Still no toast yet.

How long is this going to-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because you all know you feel the same way.

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