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Love Letters from the Hood vol 2.

You are the last thought
The sweetest bitter taste on my lips
You permeate the saltiness of our….situation
I’m patient
Nursing my ego just to feed yours
You are what I’m all for
But when you’re on, all four
As two tapes spliced into one jam
We go H.A.M
Myrrh and tongues
Wrap our every right
To be or not to be
Agreement with individual clauses
Think you got me in your claws?
Treating me like Claus
Girl you need prayer
Heck I aint Santa and you are no saint
But yeah….you love me

In spite of a caught case
The road less travelled post haste
I love that you lay waste to my
Waste man tendencies like you’re
Weaning me off my narcotic dependency
Replacing me with us

Let’s not make a fuss babe
I only put my hands on you cos you say you’re a bad girl
Step to my photo shop and I touch you up for real
Broadcast my zeal
Let the world know how I feel because you say your bad ass
A boss chick
I put you in the ring to see if you’re worth the ring
We click like a terrorist with a pace maker
Every time we make love
We meet our maker to Nina Simone and Tracy Baker
See I’m a soldier of love
Always thinking about the frontline.
You’re the fit for my glove
Worth every punch line
You’re made up to make up when we break up
Cos yeah …I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a challenge thrown down by another poet

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I am a thought meant for someone
Yet, It’s always someone else thinking of me


Reflection in a mirror gives me existence
It is my destiny to reflect within someone


I am a dream meant for someone
Yet It's always someone else dreaming of me


A few words is all it takes, when described me well
Spots of black I am, on a paper so white


I am a thought

meant to reflect in some one
Yet, it's always some one else

That feels gifted to reflect with me

There are some that are destined for me
Yet, some get so lost in search of me


I am a thought;

I can only exist for a moment or two
I can become a part of history

If some one decides to carve into me


I am a thought destined for someone
Yet it’s always someone else thinking of me

I am a thought, just a thought


Nick Kler

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